Dead Island Preorder Details

The release of one of the most surprisingly anticipated titles this year is finally on the horizon. That’s right, pack your bags, because the flight to Banoi (aka Dead Island)¬†leaves soon – and you do not want to be left behind.

Now that the hype and subsequent backlash from the fantastic trailer have died down, Deep Silver has taken this time to remind everyone that Dead Island is in fact a video game, and one that we should probably be excited about.

For those early adopters (pre-orderers) of this alternative lifestyle (zombie killing RPG slasher), there will be a special pre-order edition. Its primary draw is the included Bloodbath Arena DLC. This Bloodbath Arena will feature four different areas for both single and multiplayer challenges. Similar to Gears of War‘s Horde Mode or Halo‘s Firefight mode, the Bloodbath Arena will throw countless waves of zombies at the players, and they must attempt to do as much damage as possible – before the zombies chomp them down once and for all.

The arena will also contain a leaderboard to show off just how adept you are at slaughtering the undead. The aforementioned slaughtering should be even easier with the arena exclusive weapon called the brain wave bomb, which has no description as of yet, but should “ensure some highly explosive combat experiences.”¬†One unique way Bloodbath differentiates itself from other game modes like it is by allowing players to transfer any experience or loot from the arena over to the campaign, giving the player a leg up on their undead competition.

On top of all the Bloodbath Arena content, the pre-order edition of Dead Island will also “sport an exclusive piece of cover art and the blueprint for a special weapon, called the “Ripper”: A destructive combination of a baseball bat and a buzz saw that leaves attacking zombies battered and bleeding to death.” Deep Silver and Techland are really packing this special edition full of content, and for not a penny extra. If you are interested in Dead Island, it looks like pre-ordering is a must.

Dead Island Pre-Order

For those of you who are going to wait to pick up Dead Island until a later date, the Bloodbath Arena DLC will cost $10, and should be available for download not long after launch. No word on if the “Ripper” will make its way to download, so if bats combined with buzz saws is your thing, pre-ordering might be the safest option.

Do these pre-order goodies excite you? If you weren’t considering buying Dead Island before, does this news change your mind?

Dead Island shambles to store shelves later this year for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.