'Dead Island' Screens Showcase Environments, Survivors, & Zombies

Saying the recent Dead Island trailer took the internet by storm would be an understatement. Buzz for the game began almost immediately after the trailer hit. From fan-made remixes to re-edits of the trailer, it was clear gamers definitely took note. The game's trailer alone seemed to practically breath new life into the zombie-genre game.

It was not just the trailer that got people excited, either. While details on the game are still a little sparse, what has been announced seems to push all the right buttons. If this self-described "first-person zombie-slasher/action-RPG" can manage to capture the tone and feeling of the trailer while delivering tight, engaging gameplay, Dead Island could easily become a runaway hit.

Building on the trailer's buzz, seven new screens were released showcasing more of the game's environments, weapons, zombie types, and survivors. There is something to be said about a zombie infested tropical vacation island that manages to add a whole new level of creepy to a game. Who said sunny beaches and luxury hotel pools could not still be horrifying?

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Like the trailer before it, these screens seem to hit a lot of the right notes. From the single zombie shambling around in an abandoned room, to hoards of zombies rushing towards a survivor, to simply showcasing how large the game world might be, Dead Island looks to know what makes zombie games so much fun. Sure, the game might have been in development for a long time, but maybe, just maybe, it will be worth the wait. Fingers crossed.

What is your take on these new Dead Island screens? Do you think the game will deliver the way the trailer did? Do these screens get you more or less excited about the game? What would you like to see in Dead Island? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Dead Island is scheduled for release sometime in 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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