It’s been just a week since our first official glimpse at the gameplay that awaits us on Banoi, but Deep Silver has swiftly returned with an extended 12 minute walkthrough of Dead Island. The concern with Dead Island has always been that the actual game will not be able to hold a candle to the “theatrical” trailer from several months ago. Those fears will not be entirely laid to rest until gamers are given a chance to play the game themselves, but this walkthrough is not a bad start.

Vincent Kummer, the Brand Manager at publisher Deep Silver, takes the reins as one of the main characters to guide viewers through some of the locations on the expansive island of Banoi. We get a good look at the beautiful island as well as the horrific zombies we are expected to dismember. The walkthrough also gives an impression of just how RPG-focused Dead Island is going to be. Quests, experience points, leveling up, and even crafting play a huge role in you survival.

Check out the 12 minute walkthrough of Dead Island below.


There is no question that the graphics are very impressive, reminiscent of Far Cry’s beautiful island environment. Open world games on islands are no longer much of a novelty, especially with such strong reception to both the Far Cry and Just Cause franchises, so the zombie twist will hopefully mix things up enough for Dead Island to stand out.

The combat looks very brutal and satisfying, seemingly even more violent than Dead Island‘s third-person predecessor, Dead Rising. Also, unlike other popular entries in the zombie sub-genre, Techland does not crowd their environments with dozens of zombies hellbent on eating your flesh. Instead, the fights are much more intense and personal. Kummer brings up the fact that once the player starts facing off against tougher zombies, survival might depend entirely on attacking the right enemy first.

Now that we have finally been given a chance to see extensive footage of Dead Island, have you become more or less interested in the title? Do you think the gameplay holds up to the impressive theatrical trailer?

Dead Island will be out later this year for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: GameTrailers