If you’re looking to get in on the four-player co-op of Dead Island, but can’t find four friends who are willing to cough up $49.99 each, Deep Silver has just the deal for you. Just announced is the new four-player bundle for Dead Island for $149.97 (that’s $39.99 a person) and comes pre-packaged with a special weapon and a promise of DLC.

As one of the few games offering a four-player co-op experience this Fall, Dead Island is a must have for gamers who like dismembering zombies with their closest friends. This four-player bundle is currently only available through Steam, so head there to pre-order.

Speaking of dismembering zombies, Deep Silver has also announced that Dead Island pre-orders (whether they be the bundle or a single copy) will come with a special weapon dubbed ‘The Ripper.’ This bat and buzz saw combination should provide a handy advantage against waves of zombies in the first DLC for the game, Bloodbath Arena. Bloodbath Arena is a four-stage horde mode that sends waves and waves of zombies your way — hence the necessity of some serious weaponry.

Both the Ripper and access to Bloodbath Arena (when it becomes available) are yours if you pre-order Dead Island before the game releases this September.

As somewhat of an anomaly in the video game market — hitting first with an award-winning trailer and then revealing a somewhat familiar style of gameplay — Dead Island has the potential to sell really well based on its promotional materials alone.

The promise of support for up to four players, and this bundle that makes playing with three friends more affordable, should do well to increase sales for the game, but will it be enough to make Dead Island standout?

Would you be interested in picking up the four-player bundle for Dead Island at its discounted price? Do you think more titles that support co-op should offer these types of deals?

Dead Island releases September 6, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.