Dead Island Sells 1 Million DLC Delayed to Focus on Bug Fixes

This morning Square Enix announced that Dead Island sold more than 1 million units in North America. That’s quite a feat but no surprise after all the hype the Dead Island teaser trailer created and the world’s current zombie obsession.

But many of those players are experiencing several different technical or game play issues resulting in mixed reviews from players and critics alike. Dead Island is a good game buried under enough bugs that it’s almost criminal that it was released in its current state.

It’s still possible to enjoy but bugs exist that cause mission progress or character development to be lost and those are unforgivable. Check out our Dead Island review for more details on gameplay and bugs players may encounter. It’s clear all Dead Island needed was a little more time in the oven including more gameplay testing and programming tweaks to become the game it should be.

Thankfully, Deep Silver is looking into fixes and updates across all platforms and, as a result, previously announced DLC will be delayed in order to focus on improving the core game experience. This comes as expected news after all the problems players have been experiencing, including faulty player connectivity issues, autosave issues and other quirky bugs or gameplay elements working in ways that the player may not expect. The game has a lot of potential so hopefully the improvements made in the patches expected in the next few days will let the great game concept underneath shine through – because as it stands now it’s a hot mess.

Sexist Code Left in Dead Island

With the ability to patch games over the internet post release, developers have started to release games in more and more unfinished states. Dead Island is a scary example of how a game can be rushed out the door and then patched at a later date without proper testing. It’s understandable that Techland is smaller developer but hopefully this doesn’t start a trend of games claiming to be complete and using their customers as beta testers – after they have already paid. If a beta to test is required to catch game breaking flaws or test multiplayer server scalability then it should be done. First impressions matter, and developers better remember that.

What bugs have you experienced? Are you disappointed the DLC is delayed?

Dead Island is currently available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Kotaku