Dead Island Current-Gen Remaster in the Works?

Dead Island Remaster

When the first Dead Island game was announced, its trailer quickly went viral. The video, which had no gameplay and was made up of CGI, featured a family stuck in a hotel while the resort's other guests had been struck with some sort of zombie virus. As the events unfold in slow-mo and flashback sequences, viewers see that the young daughter of the family get caught by zombies and turned into one herself, before she eventually turns on her family.

While the game never did live up to the hype of that incredibly emotional announcement trailer, Dead Island still reviewed reasonably well. It gave players – who could control one of several characters – a huge open world to run around in and with its XP and levelling-up system, the game gave players plenty of reasons to sink hours into Techland's latest IP. Critics were also quite fond of the game's combat, as Dead Island's first person melee combat offered something a little different.

With most players having fond things to say about the first Dead Island game, it makes sense that Koch Media (the parent company of publisher Deep Silver) is reportedly looking to release Dead Island Definitive Edition on PS4 and Xbox One. That information comes from South African retailer who had the game listed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, although the listing has since been removed.

Dead Island Review Screenshot - Electrified Machete

Not everyone is so glad that Dead Island Definitive Edition is (reportedly) on the way though, especially PC players who were forced to suffer through the game's buggy launch. When it was released in 2011, the PC version of the game received many negative reviews due in large part to the game's broken state. Turns out the game was so broken because Steam actually released an in-development build, but the problems were present at launch regardless.

Developer Techland did release a patch but issues, such as the inability to use saved game files, still persisted even in 2013. Some PC gamers argue that the original version of the game should be fixed before a (presumably) better looking version is released.

Others, meanwhile, have already accused Deep Silver and Koch Media of trying to capitalize on Dead Island 2's delay by keeping the brand name going. Earlier this year, Dead Island 2 was delayed into 2016 and then developer Yager was removed from the project, which put the sequel into a state of development limbo. So, with no release in sight for Dead Island 2, it appears Deep Silver might be using the Definitive Edition as a stop-gap.

On top of this, there's also the argument that since the Xbox One will soon be getting backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games, it's unnecessary for players to shell out for Dead Island Definitive Edition anyway. However, we don't know when Dead Island might ever have backward compatibility support.

Did you enjoy the first Dead Island game? Would you play Dead Island Definitive Edition? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: Eurogamer

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