Thanks to one YouTuber’s diligent work, fans are given a look at Dead Island: Definitive Collection with a video comparing its updated graphics to the old title.

Hot on the heels of Dead Island: Definitive Collection‘s official trailer from Deep Silver comes YouTuber Cycu1’s graphics comparison video including the updated iteration’s visuals pitted directly next to the original game on the PlayStation 3. As seen in the initial reveal footage from the publisher, and found in the side-by-side clip below, Dead Island: Definitive Collection is giving the first title, as well as the semi-sequel Dead Island: Riptide, a graphical overhaul, as it’s being completely remastered.

The YouTuber Cycu1’s video provides evidence beyond the shadow of a doubt that developer Techland and publisher Deep Silver have polished Dead Island: Definitive Collection to meet the standards of current generation consoles, as the renders are a lot cleaner, environments and characters more vivid, and the lighting and colors have added definition. Plus, should fans have a hankering to hear Dead Island character Sam B’s hip-hop hit from the survival-horror game’s universe, then they’re in luck, because “Who Do You Voodoo” plays over the footage.

With 2011’s Dead Island going on to be a sleeper hit of sorts, it makes sense for Deep Silver and Techland to give it the remaster treatment and attempt to not only take advantage of the undying zombie trend, but also to introduce the franchise to newbies. After all, even though Dead Island and its counterpart in Riptide weren’t exactly critically acclaimed, the original sold more than 5 million copies, which definitely warrants the revival.

Plus, considering the fact that the development team at Yager split with Deep Silver during production of the official sequel, Dead Island 2, fans are sure to be excited over the updated version, especially since Dead Island: Definitive Collection will also contain a 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up known as Dead Island: Retro Revenge. However, it’s safe to assume that most gamers would prefer a full-fledged follow-up instead, since the majority of the remaster will be made up of gameplay that’s already been out for quite some time.

At any rate, since Dead Island: Definitive Collection has confirmed the rumors of its existence on PS4 and Xbox One and is coming in just a couple of months from now, it won’t be long before we’re able to see whether or not the decision to remaster the game will be profitable for Deep Silver. Hopefully, though, the publisher will be able to stoke more interest in the series with Dead Island: Definitive Collection and save Dead Island 2 from its perpetual state of delay.

What do you think about the new graphics for Dead Island: Definitive Collection when compared to the PlayStation 3’s version? Do you believe the upgraded visuals alone will make the compendium worth the purchase once it releases? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Dead Island: Definitive Collection is set to release on May 31, 2016, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Cycu1 – YouTube