Several months ago, the video game publisher Deep Silver and developer Sumo Digital stepped forward to assuage fans’ worries and confirm that the forthcoming multi-platform action-RPG sequel Dead Island 2 is not cancelled, and is still in the works. That said, though, if a recent statement from a former employee at Yager Development is accurate, then the zombie-filled sandbox title may have switched studios yet again.

According to a now-deleted tweet from the ex-Yager developer and current Technical Designer at DICE, Jan David Hassel, Dead Island 2 may now be in the hands of Deep Silver’s Britain-based subsidiary, Dambuster Studios, which would mean that Crackdown 3 developer Sumo Digital is no longer attached to the project. While this may be the case, Hassel also mentioned that he wasn’t totally sure if that information is accurate, as he “kind of lost track after [Deep Silver] took it from us at YAGER.”


Interestingly enough, Dambuster has shared a bunch of different job listings on its site as of late, including posts for a facial animator, senior level designer, programmers, as well as a few other positions seeking experienced applicants. It’s also worth noting that each of the listings asks for candidates to have experience with Unreal Engine 4, for while Dambuster’s last title, Homefront: The Revolution, was built with CryEngine, previous iterations of Dead Island 2 have been generated with the help of UE.

All things considered, if Deep Silver has actually handed over Dead Island 2 to yet another development studio in Dambuster, then this would make it the fourth developer in total to have worked on the action-RPG thus far. And should Dambuster be crafting DI2 as we speak, one can only hope for the sake of the franchise’s fans that this is going to be the final stop for the sequel, for it seems as if the title has been in development hell for quite some time.

Dead Island 2 currently lacks an official release date, but it is expected to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: OnlySP