Dead By Daylight: The 10 Best Survivor Perks, Ranked

There are more than 50 perks for Survivors in Dead By Daylight and each have their own roles and niche uses in the game. For beginners it can be hard to identify which perks are most valuable and even veterans can get pigeonholed over time without realizing there are better choices for keeping themselves alive.

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Hopefully this list will give you an idea of some of the most powerful perks in the game and their primary uses. While perks like Sole Survivor are immensely powerful for the individual it doesn’t benefit the team so it doesn’t make the list, after all the goal is to get everyone out alive.

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10 Urban Evasion

This simple passive perk is immensely powerful for players in almost any given situation. It dramatically improves the survivor’s movement speed while crouching. At Tier III it doubles the survivor’s speed when compared to other survivors.

Whether it’s evading detection, sneaking across large portions of the map, recovering from exhaustion, or coming to a downed ally’s aid this perk is invaluable. Nea Karlsson gets it automatically.

9 Dead Hard

When a Killer is breathing down your neck and you’ve already taken some damage Dead Hard can be the perk to get you some breathing room if not outright escape. While running if you’re in an injured state and have some adrenaline you can burn it for a quick dash.

It also makes you impervious to damage. It’s great for negating an incoming attack and giving you the burst of speed to get away. It’s tricky to use effectively, but with some practice it’s a great way to distract the Killer, save your bacon now and then, and help you ultimately escape. David King gets this perk automatically.

8 Leader

Working as a team is important for ensuring every survivor makes it out alive. The Leader perk gives the survivor the ability to boost others' efforts. Actions like healing, sabotage, searching chests, unhooking survivors, and opening Exit Gates will be performed 25% faster at Tier III.

The perk is passive with no cooldown so it’s used as long as the survivor is within eight meters of another survivor. Even after they walk away the effect lingers for 15 seconds. Dwight Fairfield gets this automatically and at least one person on your team should have this.

7 Bond

There’s a reason Dwight Fairfield is considered the strongest starting survivor in the game. His other ability Bond is immensely powerful for players fulfilling the leader role. It reveals all allies when they are within 36 meters at Tier III.

This is great for coordinating repair efforts, directing lost players, and preventing players from accidentally luring the killer to the group. Your efforts at survival are absolutely suicidal if at least one player in the group doesn’t have this ability and know how to relay the information effectively.

6 Borrowed Time

Even the best laid plans will go awry and survivors will be placed into incredibly dangerous situations. Borrowed Time is a perk that’s hard to take full advantage of, but when you do it’s immensely helpful. When a player has been Hooked and someone with this perk frees them while they’re inside the Killer’s Terror Radius it triggers Borrowed Time.

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Essentially any attacks that would put Survivors into a dying state now apply the Deep Wound effect instead. It’s a few seconds where Survivors are just a little more resilient so they can get to safety and heal their wounds, rather than end up in the Killer’s grasp again. Bill Williams has this power.

5 Adrenaline

This perk is absolutely useless for the majority of the round, but when the Exit Gates start receiving power it’s a godsend and too powerful not to consider adding to your loadout. When the Exit Gates start getting juice Adrenaline kicks in causing the Survivor to heal up a health State, such as going from dying to injured, and gains a 150% boost to sprinting for five seconds.

That ability to heal instantly and get a movement boost is often what enables a player to blitz to the exit and escape. The nice thing is that if you’re Hooked or trapped in some way Adrenaline will wait until you’re freed before kicking in. Meg Thomas gets this perk automatically.

4 Lithe

Lithe is helpful for those that need to kite the Killer or have become their target and need to get away. After quickly vaulting over an object Lithe kicks in and gives the Survivor a 150% boost to running speed for three seconds.

The nice advantage of this perk is that it’s reusable and automatically engages so long as the Survivor isn’t exhausted. That extra surge of speed when dodging the Killer is incredibly useful and will get many players out of tight situations. Feng Min gets this at the beginning of the game.

3 Sprint Burst

As strong as Adrenaline and Lithe are, Sprint Burst is far more powerful and far more useful. Sprint Burst kicks in whenever a Survivor starts running and gives a 150% boost to speed for three seconds. There is an Exhausted Status Effect that kicks in, but at Tier III it only lasts 40 seconds.

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Three seconds may not sound like much, but that burst of speed is often enough to put some distance between you and the killer, reach a pallet, or even dash through the Exit Gates. Meg gets this automatically and when paired with Adrenaline makes her a great starting Survivor to play as.

2 Decisive Strike

This perk is more useful for players who find themselves getting caught often or who are fulfilling the role of keeping the Killer distracted. After being freed or freeing yourself from a Hook Decisive Strike kicks in and is available to use for up to 60 seconds at Tier III.

When grabbed by the Killer with this perk active, players can perform a skill check which will automatically free them from the Killer’s grasp and stun them for five seconds. You do become the Obsession of the Killer afterward, but it’s often worth it. Laurie gets this ability automatically.

1 Self-Care

Perhaps the most useful ability in the entire game is Self-Care and at least one if not two survivors should have this. Survivors will often take damage and typically the only way to heal is via Med-Kits which are uncommon and get used almost as soon as they are found.

Self-Care allows the survivor to heal themselves without a Med-Kit for 20% health at Tier III at the cost of being 50% slower to heal than with more traditional methods. There’s no limit to the number of uses and a dedicated healer can keep the entire group in decent shape without ever finding a Med-Kit. Claudette Morel gets this perk automatically.

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