It’s a good time to be a horror fan as Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Studios announces the Summer Bloodfeast event is active right now, requiring players to earn a combined total of 150 billion Bloodpoints in order to unlock some serious rewards. Luckily for fans of the title, which pits one terrifying killer against a group of hard-working survivors, all Bloodpoints earned from now until 11pm on August 8 will be tripled.

Not only will Dead by Daylight players be able to rack up some serious XP over the weekend, reaching 150 billion Bloodpoints will result in well-deserved rewards being unlocked for all users. On PC, fans will have access to special Anniversary Bloodpoint Offerings which will spawn until the next community event. Console players will also gain this exciting perk, in addition to being granted access to the Anniversary Bloodpoint Offerings in the first place.

For those who don’t know what the bonuses actually are, the exclusive Offerings were first made available back in June 14, 2017 where Dead by Daylight celebrated its one year anniversary by giving players a significant boost to their Bloodpoint earnings. The unlockable items are as follows:

Escape Cake: Grants 100% bonus Bloodpoints in all categories.

Survivor Pudding: Grants 100% bonus Bloodpoints in all categories.

Bloody Party Streamers: Grants 100% bonus Bloodpoints in all categories for all players.

Whatever the result of the Summer Bloodfeast, players are certainly going to be earning a ton of Bloodpoints, so this is a perfect time for new users to jump in and try out the game for themselves. According to the Bloodfeast tracker, over 41 billion points have already been earned, so we’d wager that the anniversary bonuses are almost guarenteed to all gamers brave enough to load up the horror title and face the latest addition to the killer roster.

With a new map, new survivor, and the game-changing Huntress having just come to Dead by Daylight, returning players have more than just triple XP waiting for them in-game. And with the Halloween-inspired Michael Myers DLC coming to consoles later this month, there’s a lot of blood to be shed, and generators to repair before the dawn.

Dead by Daylight is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Dualshockers