Dead By Daylight Teases Next Killer

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Summer, a particularly popular time of the year in slasher movies, is nearly upon us. Appropriately, it also marks the anniversary of survival/slasher title Dead by Daylight. As promised by the year 3 content roadmap, a new killer will be added each season, starting with the game's third anniversary this summer. In anticipation of the first new killer of the year, a teaser trailer was just released that provides a glimpse as to who or what this new menace may be.

In true teaser fashion, the "Off the beaten track" trailer does little to inform players on the next killer in Dead by Daylight. In its short 44 seconds, it merely shows a woman playing guitar by a campfire who is startled by the sound of something breaking offscreen. After the titles, there is a closeup of a broken bottle with a purple mist emanating from it.

Many players are speculating on what these scenes mean; some assume the mist is a gas, and that the killer may uses deadly gases on victims, while others think the gases may cause hallucinations, like the fear-inducing weapons Scarecrow from the Batman franchise uses. Some are going even further out of the box, thinking that the bottle may contain a killer genie (would it grant death wishes?).

At this point, the identity of the killer is anyone's guess, but the answer should be revealed soon, as the game's anniversary begins this June. According to the content roadmap, in addition to the new killer, players should also expect a new survivor and new map to be added to the game as well.

The most recent killer to join the slaughter was The Pig, who arrived as part of the Saw Chapter DLC. Instead of Jigsaw himself, players take on the role of his acolyte, The Pig. This killer is armed with tools from the popular horror movie franchise, including the classic Reverse Bear Trap. The DLC also added a new survivor, David Tapp, from the films, and the Gideon Meatpacking Plant map.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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