Dead by Daylight is Putting a Unique Spin on Jigsaw

Although Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive only just teased that Jigsaw would be the game’s next DLC killer, most are operating under the assumption he is. But in case there was any doubt, a new leak has revealed most of Jigsaw’s abilities and perks in the game and, more compellingly, a unique detail about this character's iteration.

If the leak is real, it appears that Dead by Daylight will be using the female version of Jigsaw, or rather Jigsaw’s protégé seen throughout the early parts of the film series. It’s an interesting twist on the character and one that fans may not expect, but it’s also a risky move given fans’ familiarity with the character.

Most would expect Jigsaw to be the iconic clown-faced porcelain doll that rides a tricycle but this version is apparently Jigsaw the pig mask-wearing kidnapper. Of course, that’s only an assumption based on the fact all of the perks and abilities reference Jigsaw as The Pig. For those that might not be familiar, Jigsaw kidnaps his/her victims wearing a hooded trenchcoat and a pig mask with long black hair. It's not an image seen for long in any of the Saw movies and takes a backseat to the white-faced doll with the creepy laugh.

Also it's worth noting that past horror movie killers like Michael Myers and Freddie Krueger have not used their actual names, so don’t be thrown off by The Pig designation.

saw reverse bear trap

Based on the leak it sounds like The Pig will focus on stealth and using reverse bear traps. Diehard Jigsaw fans will remember this apparatus from the first film, a piece of headgear that snaps open instead of closed. And coincidentally, the Saw film character outfitted with the reverse bear trap is none other than Amanda, Jigsaw’s female protégé.

No doubt the pieces line up well for everything about The Pig to be real, but any leak should still be treated with a grain of salt. Fans love to create elaborate move sets and abilities for rumored characters, either to trick fellow fans or simply to indulge their excitement for new content.

But given the pace Behaviour Interactive has established for new Dead by Daylight killers – that is, teaser, trailer, developer breakdown, and then release – we don’t think players will be waiting long to see how Jigsaw will bring her/his brand of evil to the asymmetric multiplayer game.

Dead By Daylight is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Jigsaw add-on has not yet been confirmed but seems very likely.

Source: Reddit

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