Dead by Daylight’s Saw DLC Confirmed, Launches Tomorrow


Ever since Dead by Daylight teased that its next Killer would be the Saw franchise's Jigsaw, fans of the asymmetrical multiplayer survival-horror game were left wondering which permutation of the horror icon would be included in the title–either the original character of John Kramer, or one of the many who followed in his footsteps. Now, Behaviour Interactive and Starbreeze Studios have officially confirmed the The Saw Chapter's Killer as The Pig, with the DLC set for release tomorrow, January 23, 2018.

As seen in the trailer below for Dead by Daylight's Saw Chapter DLC, instead of facing Jigsaw himself, Survivors will be up against his acolyte, The Pig, who is armed with a bevy of John Kramer's tools of the trade, including his trusty Reverse Bear Traps. What's more is that players will also have a new Survivor to choose from in David Tapp, who was portrayed in the first Saw film by actor Danny Glover.

In addition to Dead by Daylight's Saw Chapter adding The Pig and David Tapp, gamers will also have a new map to play in that's inspired by the serialized horror films with the Gideon Meatpacking Plant making its way into the title. Diehard fans of the movies will be quick to note that this area has been seen in some shape or form in multiple sequels, including Saw 3 through 6.

Although the official trailer for Dead by Daylight's Saw Chapter doesn't fully articulate what's to come in the way of The Pig's abilities, if this leak of her Powers is to be believed, then she will be a formidable foe for Survivors to face. And speaking of the character's gender, developers have yet to reveal the full identity of the forthcoming DLC's Killer other than to say it's a she who was "mentored by Jigsaw." Most fan theories point to it being Amanda Young, so hopefully there will be some clues in the DLC to confirm whether or not that's the case.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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