Dead by Daylight’s Saw Chapter Spotlight Video Details the DLC


Just yesterday, Starbreeze Studios and Behaviour Interactive confirmed the release of Dead by Daylight's Saw-themed DLC by way of a brief reveal trailer that introduced fans to the expansion's Killer, The Pig. Now, the publisher and developer have put out a brand new video that details the add-on's content in order to teach players the set of rules that the new Killer brings to the Realm of the Entity.

As seen below in Dead by Daylight's Saw Chapter Spotlight video, fans of the asymmetrical multiplayer survival-horror game can dive deeper into the world of The Pig, the new Survivor David Tapp, and the fresh Gideon Meat Plant map. What's more is that the clip details the Killer's Power and Perks, as well as those of the new Survivor, with each ability offering a unique way to stalk victims or survive the game.

As correctly indicated in a previous leak, The Pig's Power is called "Jigsaw's Baptism," with the Killer being able to move stealthily so as to dash into ambush attacks and affix Reverse Bear Traps on dying Survivors' heads. Additionally, as she crouches, she lacks a Terror Radius. The new Dead by Daylight Killer has three Perks called "Hangman's Trick," "Surveillance," and "Make Your Choice." The first alerts The Pig when hooks are being sabotaged, with damaged hooks repairing after a short moment. The second reveals the last regressing Generators' Auras, and the third causes Survivors' Rescuers within 24 meters of the Killer to be in an exposed state.

Of course, The Pig's abilities will be balanced out by those of the new Survivor, David Tapp. His first Perk is called "Tenacity," which allows him to crawl faster while recovering at the same time during "dire situations." Tapp's second Perk is dubbed "Detective's Hunch," which gives him a three-second reveal of the Auras of Generators, Chests and Totems within range while he's completing a Generator. The third Perk is "Stake Out," as players standing within the Killer's Terror Radius for some time while not in a Chase earn a Token up to a maximum.

All things considered, Dead by Daylight's Saw Chapter DLC looks to be quite a unique addition to the game, as it now stands alongside previous expansions that include other horror icons as Leatherface, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger. With Dead by Daylight's roster of playable Killers and Survivors now packed to the gills with choices, it makes one wonder if the game's Saw DLC could wind up being its last update for the foreseeable future. Of course, with that being nothing more than speculation, there's also the possibility of even more horror film tie-in content being in the works already.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Dead by Daylight – YouTube

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