Dead by Daylight Teasing New Killer and Map

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Since releasing in June 2016, Dead by Daylight has been a staple alongside games like Friday the 13th as one of the best multiplayer survival horror games currently available. While Behavior Interactive has provided players with a satisfying share of content since launch, it's done even more by bringing the game to consoles Now, it appears there's even more coming to the game just in time for the holidays.

Teasing from the Dead by Daylight official Twitter page, it looks as though there will be a new content package coming sometime in the near future. The tease comes in the form of two separate, but connected tweets from the account. The first tweet reads, "With snow comes darkness..." captioning an eerie looking run-down building in the middle of winter. The second tweet reads, "Within darkness lies a legion..." with another creepy image of what likely is the next killer to be introduced in the game and a list of names etched into the wall next to him/her.

You can see both posts below:

Up until now, Dead by Daylight's 11 DLC packs have included one new map, one killer, and one survivor being playable when updated. Nearly half of those packs are based off a number of classic horror films, such as the Halloween chapter introducing Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode as a survivor, and Nightmare of Elm Street's Freddy Krueger as a new killer to name a couple. Based off the images in the tweets, only a map and a killer have been "teased" as upcoming content. It's likely a new playable survivor would also be included if another DLC pack comes along, though there's no information yet as of this writing.

Dead by Daylight's online gameplay pits four players against one, with the group of four playing as survivors from a third-person perspective, and one player acting as the killer from a first-person perspective. As far as the release schedule for previous DLC, there seems to be new content released either every few months, or in the form of seasonal events. The last expansion to release came back in September, so a potential December launch window falls in line with how previous expansions have released.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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