Dead by Daylight Trailer Highlights Michael Myers Unique Skills


Developer Behaviour Interactive releases a trailer for its Halloween-themed Dead by Daylight DLC, highlighting the unique skills of killer Michael Myers.

Ever since Dead by Daylight announced it would be adding a new Halloween DLC pack inspired by the famous John Carpenter film, fans of the title have been eagerly anticipating any additional news regarding the expansion. As previously announced, the pack of add-ons is set to include Michael Myers as the new killer, Laurie Strode as a new survivor, as well as a new map of Haddonfield. Now, the developer Behaviour Interactive has released a trailer showcasing some of the abilities of the iconic slasher figure.

As seen in the trailer for Dead by Daylight's Halloween DLC below, Michael Myers' weapon of choice is a knife, and he uses it with brutal efficacy in order to take out his prey. In addition to the blade, the killer also has a new power called "Evil Within" that he utilizes as a way to tag survivors as "Obsessions," thus significantly increasing his chances of offing them altogether.


In addition to Michael Myers' "Evil Within" power, Dead by Daylight's developers have also given him three different perks. Each of these features are going to be used in tandem with the Halloween killer's Obsession-creating power within Behaviour Interactive and Starbreeze Studios' popular 1v4 horror game.

Dead by Daylight's first perk for Myers is called "Save the Best for Last," which allows him a decreased cool-down period for missed and successful attacks should the Obsession remain alive. The second perk has been dubbed "Dying Light," and it increases the speed of the Obsession's altruistic actions, but if they are killed, other survivors' attempts at repairing, sabotaging, and healing take much longer. Finally, the last of Michael Myers' perks is "Play with Your Food," increasing the killer's movement speed the longer an Obsession survives.


Beyond Michael Myers' abilities, Dead by Daylight's latest trailer for its Halloween DLC also details the new survivor Laurie Strode's skill set. Firstly, she has a perk called "Last Survivor," giving her a much better chance at staying alive by making her harder to find when other characters are killed. Secondly, she has a move called "Decisive Strike," letting Laurie stab Michael Myers with whatever she can find nearby when he picks her up, freeing her from his grasp if it's successful. Laurie's final perk is "Object of Obsession," giving her the power to sense the killer's aura if he makes players his Obsession.

Considering Dead by Daylight's popularity, the couching of these aforementioned abilities within a Halloween movie tie-in makes perfect sense. While the title’s selection of killers in the base game already offers plenty of variety, adding Michael Myers will give Dead by Daylight increased visibility. Plus, with Halloween only being several days away, it seems as if Behaviour Interactive has been waiting patiently to release the DLC just in time for the holiday in order to capitalize on sales.

Now that Dead by Daylight has its own iconic movie slasher in the title, Behaviour Interactive's asymmetric multiplayer game is going to draw even more comparisons to the forthcoming Friday the 13th: The Game. Of course, there are plenty of differences to set Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees apart, but its safe to say that it will be hard for fans to not see similarities between the two releases. However, Friday the 13th will be able to boast a single-player campaign when it's released, whereas Dead by Daylight is multiplayer only.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, with its Halloween DLC priced at $6.99 on Steam.

Source: Dead by Daylight — YouTube

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