Dead By Daylight Adds Michael Myers as Killer & More


Popular 1 v 4 multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight has announced a new Halloween DLC pack themed after the popular John Carpenter film. The pack of add-ons will include one new killer, one new survivor, and a new map for $6.99 and releasing on October 25th.

As most can guess, all three of the Dead by Daylight add-ons will be Halloween themed and perfect for the horror movie fan. The new survivor will be none other than Laurie, the “final girl” played by Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1978 film. Her suburban town of Haddonfield will serve as the new map for the DLC, offering some new obstacles like cop cars and suburban houses to hide out in.

But of course the real selling point of the Halloween DLC is the new killer, Michael Myers. The below trailer shows all three of the add-ons in action and features the iconic Halloween soundtrack to boot.


Based on a previous spotlight trailer (since removed and replaced with this teaser), we know tht Michael Myers’ skill set will be based around his “obsession.” By toying with an obsession the Michael Myers player will receive significant boosts to attack and movement speed, but killing the obsession can also help the killer in the long run by debuffing the remaining survivors.

All told, it appears the developers at Behaviour Interactive have done well to mesh Halloween with Dead by Daylight, offering a Michael Myers killer that looks and moves like the on-screen version. Whether or not players will continue to use Michael after the novelty has run off is yet to be determined, but we’re sure that the killer will continue to evolve as Behaviour tweaks his abilities.

Considering the popularity of Dead by Daylight, especially on streaming services like Twitch, it seems a no-brainer to go after tie-ins. Sure, the game’s base killers are interesting blends of horror movie tropes, but getting a character like Michael Myers in the game is sure to draw even more attention. The timing couldn’t be more perfect either, with Halloween right around the corner.

What’s also interesting about this addition is that it positions Dead by Daylight as an even more direct competitor to the upcoming Friday the 13th Game. There are plenty of differences between the two, but now that there is one asymmetric multiplayer game starring Jason and one featuring Michael Myers the comparisons are going to be even harder to avoid.

The Halloween DLC for Dead by Daylight will be available on October 25th for $6.99.

Dead by Daylight is out now for PC.

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