Dead By Daylight: The 5 Best Maps (& 5 Worst)

The Entity has crafted many locations based off of the Killers’ memories to ensure each area is as creepy and dangerous as possible for survivors to struggle in. Each area is designed to torment survivors while simultaneously make the Killers work hard to sate their lust for blood.

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Some maps are excellent for both sides, providing a fair balance of hiding, openness, and traps. Yet there are some maps that are awful with poor aesthetics, difficult pathing, and broken aspects. Generally speaking here are some of the best and worst this game has to offer.

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10 Best: Disturbed Ward

This map is claustrophobic,  disgusting, and just downright eerie. Part of the Crotus Pen Asylum realm it’s a high risk high reward map for both Survivors and Killers. For Survivors there’s a large loop via windows that they can lead the Killer through on a distracting chase, but there are also plenty of dead ends and corners for the Killer to corral Survivors into.

Sneaky Killers are absolutely terrifying on this map and sneaky Survivors have plenty of places to hide. The Shock Therapy Centre is a nice touch that adds to the terror.

9 Worst: Pale Rose

The Swamp Realm maps have been a touchy subject with players and the Pale Rose epitomizes everything unfavorable about those areas. Pale Rose is just a little too large and the pathing is difficult with all the fallen logs, ponds, and other obstacles for both Killers and Survivors.

With all the dark surroundings and deep shadows it’s hard for Killers to spot Survivors in dark clothing which can remove some of the immersion for Survivors. Tackling the generators on the wooden walkways is really, really annoying for both sides.

8 Best: Fractured Cowshed

The Fractured Cowshed has areas with lots of light inside and dark shadows outside. Survivors feel like bugs under a microscope and Killers have a hard time ambushing players. It’s a map that supports aggressive play for Killers and require Survivors to go toe to toe with the monster to buy time for their teammates.

The crumbling barn feels like a brawling PVP experience whereas the outdoors is a hunting ground through the cornfields. This map supports lots of strategies on both sides and makes for fun and strategic gameplay.

7 Worst: Lampkin Lane

Lampkin Lane is an absolute pain for Survivors and makes for too easy gameplay for Killers. There’s a generator located on the top floor of the house and as soon as someone goes for it they are almost guaranteed to end up on a Hook.

The forest outside is also too cramped for easy escapes or proper chasing and both sides feel claustrophobic no matter where they are on the map. As a result, chasing survivors feels like running through a rat’s maze and Survivors hate going in the houses that cover the map. Overall it seems poorly designed or they did too much with too small a space.

6 Best: Mother’s Dwelling

The home of a terrifying huntress, Survivors feel like they’re walking into the lion’s den while Killers will feel at home. The trees make for great cat and mouse experiences and there are few moments as terrifying as seeing a Killer roaming the woods in the fog.

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The long shadows and endless nature is a spooky setting that works well in this game and makes it a true horror experience. It’s a popular map for players on both sides and for good reason.

5 Worst: Blood Lodge

The Blood Lodge according to fans is too heavily catered to Survivors. There are lots of places to hide, dark clothing can often make you invisible and it’s easy to spot a Killer coming. As a result many Killers hate to play on it and even the most skilled Killer will have a hard time against even a mediocre team of Survivors.

It’s unfortunate that the design isn’t a little more balanced as the setting of a cabin in the midst of a junkyard is unsettling. Instead it cause Survivors to give an immediate sigh of relief when it loads and makes Killers grateful if they get at least one kill.

4 Best: Temple Of Purgation

Released alongside the nightmarish Plague this temple to the high priestess is filled with ancient evil. Survivors have a maze of ruins to navigate and doors to unlock with allows them opportunities to hide and get ambushed.

Killers may be initially frustrated by the labyrinth of crumbling stone, but those that memorize the layout have a huge advantage over their prey. The new Red Forest combined with the historic temple is an unsettling contrast and makes for an eerie map.

3 Worst: Gas Heaven

As bad as Blood Lodge is for Killers, Gas Heaven is an absolute nightmare. The map is darker, the paths are more open, there are so many loops for Survivors to lead the Killers around and the sheer number of pallets is absolutely annoying.

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There are so many ways for Survivors to dodge the Killer and after the fifth stun from a falling pallet it’ll make even the most composed Killers want to rage quit. The lack of challenge is a problem for Survivors as it robs the game of its fun. As a result Gas Heaven is a brutal challenge for Killers and too easy a win for Survivors.

2 Best: Mount Ormond Resort

This is widely considered the most popular map in the game for both Killers and Survivors. As a Survivor it offers multiple avenues of escape and ways to lose the Killer. For Killers it’s hard for the Survivors to hide and the interior of the building makes for ideal hunting grounds.

It’s also the brightest map in the game without having glaring lights taking away the dark brooding setting of the forest. Mount Ormond Resort is also the only map to have snow which adds a nice aesthetic touch.

1 Worst: Yamaoka Estate

Many fans consider Yamaoka Estate to the be the worst map of the game. Inside is an open mess of rooms and hallway that acts as more of a shortcut for Killers or enables Survivors to dodge certain powers. Outside is a maze of bamboo, grass, high garden walls, and deep shadows that makes it impossible to see.

It’s common for Survivors to run past each other without noticing and Killers have been known to bump into survivors accidentally because neither knew where the other was. Whether you’re sneaky, brazen or something in between this map is annoying. Which is really sad because the estate looks beautiful from the outside and with some work could be a truly impressive map.

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