Dead by Daylight Adds Leatherface as New Killer

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The asymmetric survival horror game Dead by Daylight has added a new face to its roster of killers, which is perfect because this newcomer just loves faces -- wearing them, that is. The legendary chainsaw-wielding madman, Leatherface, is here and he's bringing whole new scares to the game.

The Dead by Daylight DLC, appropriately named Leatherface, is available now on Steam. The chapter includes a new stage and a new killer, who comes with some gruesome new abilities. Beware Leatherface's chainsaw, his weapon of choice, as he can unleash brutal sweeping attacks at his victims.

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Leatherface comes with three perks. There's Knock Out, which keeps dying survivors from revealing their auras to others. The next is Barbecue & Chili: a clear nod to his Texas roots. After hooking a survivor, all other survivor auras are revealed for 3 seconds when they are 36 meters from the hook. This also grants bonus Bloodpoints on any scoring event. Last is Franklin's Demise, which is an attack that causes survivors to drop items. The lost item receives damage and loses a portion of its base amount of charges.

Leatherface isn't the only legendary horror icon to join the Dead by Daylight roster. Michael Myers was added to the game as part of a special Halloween themed DLC, along with his sister/obsession Laurie Strode. Mike got some creepy mechanics that deal with focusing on survivors and relentlessly hunting them down, which is kind of his thing. Laurie has a perk that allows her a higher chance of survival the more friends that die.

Recently, Dead by Daylight has been cracking down on troublesome players. The game's developers posted a long list of no-nos that, if performed, could result in players getting banned. The list includes everything from hacking to abusive or toxic behavior towards others. While some of these will result in temporary bans, hacking the game files will reward a permanent ban.

Dead by Daylight is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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