Dead by Daylight Teases Next Killer in New Trailer

dead by daylight new teaser trailer japanese kuchisake

Behavior Interactive is all about the slow build-up of anticipation before revealing who the next Dead by Daylight Killer will be. Earlier this week, Behavior released a short teaser hinting at a Japanese theme for the next chapter of the game, which sent fans into a spiral of theories. Today, Behavior released a longer, incredibly graphic teaser with more clues as to who the next Killer will be.

If Dead by Daylight is adding a Japanese Killer to the roster, there are a number of possibilities based on Japanese folklore. After the first teaser, many fans gravitated toward the myth of Kuchisake – the slit mouth woman. This myth is of a woman who was brutalized by her husband and returned as a vengeful spirit. She cheated on her husband, who then used a sword to cut her mouth from ear-to-ear. This new trailer could very well represent that myth, as it shows a man attacking a woman with a sword.

The Japanese spoken in the trailer translates to “There is no point, dear daughter. We are born to die. The more we wait, the more pain we carry”, while the writing on the wall scroll translates to “wake from death and return to life”, further supporting the fan-theory of Kuchisake. While it is possible that the sword-wielder is actually the Killer, Dead by Daylight fans believe that all signs point to the victim in the trailer being the one to join the ever-growing roster of Killers.

While the previous killer added to the game – that is, The Clown – was not based in any strongly held myth, it seems that this new Killer may be a homage to one of the most terrifying Japanese horror stories. Dead by Daylight always adds new and unique Killers to the roster, so hopefully this new addition will be even more exciting and terrifying than the last.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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