Dead by Daylight Unveils Howling Grounds Event

Since the Lunar New Year is happening today, many games have begun their celebrations. Dead by Daylight is joining in to give players Howling Grounds, which seems to be a little bit darker party than the rest.

Howling Grounds has started in Entity’s World, which has gone through some cosmetic changes to dress up for the Year of the Dog. The new cosmetics in Dead by Daylight are a mystery and will “make [players] more stylish even if [the items] don’t bring [players] good fortune.”

Players have the possibility of receiving Feng Ming, David King, and the Huntress Lunar Year Cosmetics. These come in the form of clothes, Lunar Year Coins, Lunar Year Hook, and Lunar Year Generator, as pictured below.

During the event, players will have to find and burn a new Offering, the “Red Envelope,” which calls upon the Entity. In doing this, players will earn Golden Coins and Burnt Coins when they fix Lunar Generators or when players hook survivors on the Lunar Hook. Dead by Daylight should play exactly the same, just with a Year of the Dog overlay.

In collecting these Coins, players will be able to unlock the cosmetic skins. In these rewards, there is one for the killer and one reward for the survivor, respectively. If players are able to complete the challenge of collecting Coins individually, they are able to continue collecting Coins to go towards the Community Challenge that unlocks a third reward for all players. This collective goal is 10 million Coins, which hopefully seems possible for the community, and they can keep track of how many have been collected thanks to a counter on the game's website.

There is no end date for this event stated on Dead by Daylight website, but with the Lunar New Year happening today, the event will most likely be over soon. However, the content for Dead by Daylight doesn't seem to stopping any time soon, especially with the recent release of the Saw-themed DLC.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Dead by Daylight

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