Dead by Daylight is bringing its Halloween DLC, featuring masked Killer Michael Myers, to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Halloween Chapter DLC has been available on PC since late October last year.

Since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Dead by Daylight launched about a year after the PC version, it’s only fair for the Halloween console DLC to launch in… August. Okay, so maybe August isn’t as thematically exciting as October, but console fans likely won’t mind not having to wait.

The Dead by Daylight DLC pack on PC costs $6.99, which will hopefully receive parity pricing on console. Pricing has yet to be confirmed, which could imply a price hike, but the DLC itself remains the same. It includes Michael Myers as a new Killer, but also features the Haddonfield map and Laurie Strode as a new Survivor. It’s all content licensed directly from the movie franchise, though Jamie Lee Curtis’ likeness is clearly not a part of that deal.


Michael Myers’ thematic focus is “Obsession,” naturally. As he stalks Survivors in-game he begins to obsess over them and gradually tags them as the target of his Obsession — a power named Evil Within. Three new Perks come bundled with Michael Myers, each tied into the Obsession mechanic:

  • Save the Best for Last: Increases attack cooldowns while the Obsession target lives.
  • Dying Light: Increases the target’s healing/rescuing, but if the target dies it penalizes all other Survivors’ repairing/healing/sabotage.
  • Play With Your Food: Increases the Killer’s movement speed if they allow the Obsession target to escape after a chase.

Laurie, a survivor of several Halloween films, has a trio of great Perks too. It’s good for your health to be Michael Myers’ target of obsession and not one of the supporting characters. Here’s how Laurie’s three perks work:

  • Last Survivor: As other Survivors die, the Killer’s aura reading ability grows increasingly disrupted.
  • Decisive Strike: Stab the Killer as a means of escaping their grasp.
  • Object of Obsession: If the target of the Killer’s Obsession, you can see the Killer’s aura.

Haddonfield is a fun neighborhood map filled with white picket fences, hedges, and general suburban Americana. One funny detail about Haddonfield is that the trailer implies there are doors, a great opportunity for Killers to surprise Survivors or for Survivors to hide. Yet, as is standard in all Dead by Daylight maps, there are no doors (unless you count the cabinets players can hide in). The Entity appears to have decided that once again pallets are its chosen tool of evil.

With Of Flesh and Mud DLC included with all Special Edition copies of Dead by Daylight on console, Spark of Madness available, and now the Halloween DLC having a release month, consoles will soon be all caught up to PC. Hopefully that means parity launches for DLC across all platforms going forward.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Halloween Chapter DLC comes to consoles in August.