Dead by Daylight Trailer Reveals Scream's Ghost Face Perks, Power

ghost face killer in dead by daylight

Developer Behaviour Interactive has released a new trailer focused on its new Dead by Daylight killer, The Ghost Face. Based on the killer from the Scream movies, The Ghost Face brings some new abilities to the table that focus on the idea of stalking the survivors.

Dead by Daylight will try to recreate the feeling of Ghost Face in the Scream films through his Night Shroud power. When this power is active, the killer can essentially stalk its victims by emitting little to no red “vision cone” or terror radius. This way, survivors will be unable to detect that The Ghost Face is nearby, giving the killer an opportunity to get a quick swipe in while impairing them with the ‘Exposed’ status.

As seen in the trailer below, Night Shroud gives The Ghost Face some new movement abilities not offered by other killers. When the power is active, The Ghost Face can crouch below cover to hide from view and peak around corners. Given the fast pace that Dead by Daylight can sometimes take on, it’s unclear how useful a crouch or corner peak will be, but it does add to the idea that this killer stalks its victims.

Night Shroud is going to be a useful tool for catching survivors unaware but it does have its limitations. According to the Dead by Daylight trailer, the power only lasts until The Ghost Face is spotted by a survivor, after which time it will turn off.

The Ghost Face also comes with three new perks. I’m All Ears makes so that a survivor is revealed on the map if they perform a rushed action inside of the killer’s radius. Paired with Night Shroud, this perk could allow the new Dead by Daylight killer to properly stalk their prey after first learning their location.

Thrilling Tremors might be the most useful perk, as it blocks all inactive (not being worked on) generators using the entity and highlights active generators. On the one hand, this gives the killer an opportunity to hook the survivor while knowing that the others are impaired, but more importantly it gives the killer a sense of what generators the group seems to be focused on.

The Ghost Face’s final new perk is called Furtive Chase and it functions similar to the Obsession mechanic introduced with the Michael Myers DLC. During the match, the killer is given one Survivor that they are obsessed with and hooking that survivor gives Ghost Face a decreased terror radius. If another survivor frees the obsession that person then becomes the obsession and the killer can hook them for even greater terror radius reduction.

Overall, it seems like Ghost Face will do well to represent the killer from Scream and bring some unique abilities to the table. Those perks might also prove extremely viable in competitive play, but only time will tell.

Dead by Daylight The Ghost Face is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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