Dead by Daylight Releases Freddy Krueger Teaser Trailer

dead by daylight freddy krueger teaser

Dead by Daylight is one of the more popular online multiplayer games at the moment, with a dedicated following and a number of prolific Twitch streamers helping to buoy it against other, larger titles like the PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsDead by Daylight has successfully cultivated a reputation as one of the premier horror games in existence, and developer Behaviour Interactive looks to further that notion with the addition of another major villain to its roster: Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger.

There have been rumors about Freddy Krueger joining Dead by Daylight for some time now, but the teaser trailer just released by Behaviour Interactive certainly confirms the villain's addition outright. The trailer, titled "Don't Fall Asleep", doesn't actually show Freddy in any capacity, but it does mimic an iconic scene in cinema where an invisible Freddy drags his claws against a rusty pipe in pursuit of one ill-fated dreamer. Check out the trailer here:

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't provide a release date, although with Halloween season coming up, there's a good chance Freddy will be gracing Dead by Daylight with his unsettling presence in the near future. Given how active Behaviour Interactive has been with community events, it would be strange for the developer to miss the most important holiday for any horror franchise.

Historically, major additions to Dead by Daylight, like Freddy, often come with their own map as well, and the trailer may be suggesting that Freddy's will involve the boiler room in some way. That hasn't been confirmed, of course - Leatherface coming to Dead by Daylight didn't get his own map, for instance, and the addition of the killer alone is likely more than enough to rekindle fan interest in the multiplayer survival game.

Now that Dead by Daylight has new banning offenses and has seemingly put its issues with hackers and botters behind it, players can begin to focus on grinding through the new content in anticipation of continued support. If there's one thing Behaviour Interactive has shown since the launch of the game, it's that Dead by Daylight won't lack for content additions on a frequent basis, and it's that approach that has made the game such a stalwart in the streaming and online multiplayer communities.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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