Dead by Daylight Trailer Reveals Freddy Krueger as Next Killer

dead by daylight freddy krueger release

After a few weeks of teases, Dead by Daylight is finally ready to add Freddy Krueger as a playable killer. The iconic villain of the Nightmare on Elm Street series will join the roster on PC starting tomorrow, October 26th.

While Freddy’s announcement certainly comes as no surprise to Dead by Daylight fans, the fact that he is arriving so soon might. The asymmetrical multiplayer title has a history of rolling out updates without too much buildup, though, so there is precedent.

As far as Freddy is concerned, the Dead by Daylight trailer below says that he is part of the A Nightmare on Elm Street chapter. Past chapters have included a new survivor, new perks, a new map, and plenty of balance changes, but as of right now all we know about is Freddy Krueger. At this point, Dead by Daylight players don’t even know what Freddy’s move set will include, outside of a presumed clawed glove.

A safe bet would be that Freddy Krueger will have some abilities that distort reality, but that might be too close to the game’s Doctor. Speed might also be one of Freddy's best qualities, as the killer is known for being quicker and more limber than his slow-moving contemporaries. If nothing else, Freddy should be able to make it more difficult for survivors to repair generators with some dream magic.

While Friday the 13th has focused on the bankability of Jason Voorhees to push its asymmetric multiplayer experience, Dead by Daylight has quickly amassed a number of Jason’s "colleagues" in the slasher space. Things kicked off with the debut of Michael Myers, but few knew whether or not this was a one-time thing or if developer Behaviour Interactive planned to add more horror icons to the mix.

Now, after the addition of Leatherface not that long ago and Freddy Krueger this week, Dead by Daylight has amassed a roster of killers that include original creations and familiar cinematic faces. Freddy’s addition also puts a checkmark next to the last missing piece of the puzzle as far as major horror icons are concerned, unless somehow the game is able to get the rights to Jason as well. From here on out, Behaviour can rest easy knowing it got the big names in the game, or try to go for some smaller, yet familiar killers like Pinhead from Hellraiser or Ghostface from Scream.

Dead by Daylight: A Nightmare on Elm Street releases October 26, 2017 on PC.

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