Dead by Daylight Reveals New Female Killer

dead by daylight plague cinematic

Dead by Daylight's fifteenth killer has been unveiled during a special livestream event. The Plague, who has been teased as Dead by Daylight's next Killer for some time now, was unveiled via a cinematic trailer. The Plague will be included in Dead by Daylight's upcoming Demise of the Faithful patch, the eleventh chapter DLC for the multiplayer horror game, which will be releasing soon.

In the cinematic trailer, a woman can be heard speaking what must be Latin in-between heavy coughs. She's holding a smoking censer with clear religious iconography. As the camera pans upward, it's revealed that the woman is a priestess of sorts, and that she's been ravaged by a plague, with her body and face scarred and bloody from the disease's effects.

The Behaviour Interactive livestream for The Plague and the Demise of the Faithful DLC offers a bit more detail on her role as a Killer in Dead by Daylight. Her weapon will be the censer, a religious item used to burn incense, that functions more as a mace-and-chain flail. Her ability is dubbed Vile Purge, in which she projectile vomits her plague onto Survivors.

Vile Purge causes Survivors to get progressively sicker, and can even spread the sickness to items like pallets. Fountains spread throughout the map can cure sickness if players choose, but a corrupted fountain can also be used by The Plague to empower her.

The Demise of the Faithful DLC for Dead by Daylight will include more content than just The Plague. In addition to the new Killer, Demise of the Faithful will also include a new map, The Temple of Purgation, and a new Survivor, Jane Romero. The Temple map is pulled directly from The Plague's lore, a relic of her long-lost religion. It includes a large tomb in its center, and fixing the generator within it can open doors and change the make-up of the map.

Jane Romero should be an interesting new Survivor addition to Dead by Daylight. Her perks allow her to heal herself while healing other players, lets her leave no scratch marks after fixing a generator, and gives her the ability to stun the Killer while leaving a locker. She's an Oprah-esque television talk show host and should be a fun Survivor addition to the game.

Players of the survival horror game can expect The Plague and the rest of the new DLC content to arrive on test servers later this week, with a full release to follow. When it does launch, the expected price point will be $6.99 or 18,000 Iridescent Shards.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with plans to launch on Nintendo Switch in fall 2019.

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