Dead By Daylight: Every DLC, Ranked

There have been a number of DLCs released for Dead By Daylight that fans both love and hate. Some have introduced terrifying new killers, strong survivors, and nightmarish areas to fight in. Others not so much.

Based on fans' opinions and how popular aspects of the DLC have been among the player base here are all of the DLCs made by Behaviour Interactive and how they stack up against each other.

13 Ghost Face

The least favorite DLC has to be Ghost Face, it introduces a recreation of the killer from the popular movie series Scream and… that’s kind of it. Every other expansion on this list always includes a killer, survivor, and a new realm to explore, but this one had only the killer.

Unless you’re a dedicated Scream fan this DLC just wasn’t worth it.

12 Shattered Bloodline

Shattered Bloodline had a lot of potential, but poor design led to much of the fanbase not enjoying it. The Spirit is certainly a terrifying killer and Adam Francis was okay as a survivor, but the Family Residence map for the Yamoaka Estate realm is why this DLC is so loathed.

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It’s considered one of the least popular maps and neither the killer nor the survivor has been able to make up for that. It’s a shame considering how popular Japanse themed horror is, but this DLC just didn’t stick.

11 Flesh And Mud

The third DLC ever made fell flat with fans pretty quickly. Many liked the aesthetics of The Hag, but her hex-based skills proved difficult to wield and many were unwilling to main as her. The Backwater Swamp was not a well-received map as it had pathing issues with logs and puddles of water that became annoying very quickly.

It’s another DLC that had a lot of potential and promise but failed to live up to expectations.

10 A Nightmare On Elm Street

The Nightmare (Freddy Kruger) wasn’t a great killer, but he wasn’t awful either, the survivor Quentin Smith was mediocre but capable of making it through the night. What really killed this DLC was the map Springwood.

The reason it doesn’t rank lower is some fans like Springwood, as killers, but as survivors there are too many corners, too many dead ends, and other places to be ambushed or cornered. Patches and slight tweaks have helped, but it’s still left a bad taste in players’ mouths.

9 Curtain Call

Many fans believe this was released shortly after the movie IT to capitalize on the creepy clown phase which may be why it isn’t more popular, but it was alright. The Clown wasn’t all that special of a killer, some fans swear by Kate Denson as a good distraction for the killer and Father Campbell’s Chapel is decent.

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Honestly it seems like maybe this DLC was rushed a little bit, but still had some good design choices at play.

8 Demise Of The Faithful

This DLC introduced a unique Killer, The Plague, who’s backstory has been intriguing for fans even if her gameplay is a little tough for new players to pick up. Jane Romero is a capable survivor who introduced useful perks like Solidarity.

The only reason it doesn’t rank higher is the Temple Of Purgation. Lots of fans believe they smashed it over a forest map to save time and it makes the ancient Babylonian structure look weird (not in a good way) among the dense green foliage.

7 Stranger Things

In addition to being a nod to the popular tv show Stranger Things, fans really enjoyed this DLC because it had two survivors instead of the typical one. Other than that it wasn’t too special, Nancy and Steve weren’t terribly exciting and The Underground Complex ended up being an awkward map.

It did introduce the powerful Cruel Limits perk that makes repairing generators a nightmare, but apart from that, the Demogorgon was more terrifying in appearance than ability.

6 Halloween

Halloween was an early DLC that showed it was possible to pay homage to horror fiction and make improvements on the game. The Shape (Michael Myers) is a good killer that suffers a little by being one-track-minded thanks to Obsession. The survivor Laurie is ideally equipped to counter him and gets stronger the more of her team is dead.

Once again it would rank higher but the new map, Haddonfield, isn’t all that popular. Granted it’s not as disliked as other maps, but it's not played very often.

5 Last Breath

The first DLC ever released is a surprisingly good entry. The Nurse is a strong killer with her ability to see any survivor healings via Nurse’s Calling. Nea Karlsson is also a powerful survivor for kiting the killer and avoiding detection.

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The map, Crotus Prenn Asylum, is a very popular map among players for having great aesthetics and good balance between Killers and Survivors.

4 Spark Of Madness

The Spark Of Madness introduced players to the now popular Killer, The Doctor, whose very presence causes Survivors to struggle in their tasks thanks to Overwhelming Presence. The survivor Feng Min is also a nice teammate to have as she can repair generators and get away once they’re running.

The map Lery’s Memorial Institute is also a popular place to compete as the very walls seem to be dripping with insanity.

3 Saw

By far the most popular homage to modern fiction is the Saw DLC. David Trapp is a survivor who’s good at finding the next generator to fix via Detective’s Hunch. The map is also a nightmarish facility full of dark shadows for both survivors and killers to hide in.

But what really makes this DLC shine is The Pig. A horrific killer who’s creepy visage is matched by Make Your Choice which causes Survivors to second guess whether saving another from a Hook is truly worth it.

2 Darkness Among Us

This DLC gave fans the terrifying killer The Legion whose Discordance Perk incentivizes Survivors to split up which makes killing them easier. Jeff Johanson can avoid detection via tokens, permanently see the aura of survivors he unhooks, and breaks hooks when freed from them.

The Mount Ormond Resort is a popular map given it’s the only one with snow and the woods are horrible, dark, and deep.

1 A Lullaby For The Dark

By far the best DLC in the game is A Lullaby For The Dark. It gave players David King whose perks make him an absolute tank. The Red Forest is largely considered one of the better maps in the game as it has clear lines of sight for killers and trees to weave around for Survivors.

But what makes this DLC truly remarkable is the Killer, The Huntress. The perks are decent, but the throwing axes are a great ranged weapon for downing fast survivors. The small tune she whistles and her bunny mask is enough to put many players off their game. She also has the best backstory of any of the killers.

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