Dead by Daylight Reveals New DLC Killer and Map

The developer Behaviour Interactive has revealed the latest DLC package for its 4v1 horror game Dead by Daylight by releasing a brand new trailer showcasing the new content yesterday. Players are set to gain access to a new killer, a new survivor, and a new map — and it will all be available for free.

The new killer for Dead by Daylight is dubbed The Huntress, a seemingly unhinged frontierswoman who uses throwing axes as her weapon of choice. She's also fond of wearing a rather unsettling rabbit mask, exactly the kind of behavior one might expect from a self-confessed axe murderer.

The character's design is a great fit for the horror motif that Dead by Daylight has already established, but the really interesting thing about this new killer is her potential to change up the game's meta. There are hopes that The Huntress' throwing axes might be a potent counter to the strategy of pallet looping.

Pallet looping refers to a method of evading killers where survivors run tight circles around a pair of pallets in order to play keep-away, or simply waste time. There are already several effective counters to this strategy, but throwing axes seem like a particularly effective way of dealing with such players.

The Huntress isn't the only new content that's set to be available as part of the new DLC. Her map, Mother's Dwelling, will also be added to the game, alongside a brand new survivor character called David King. However, the trailer focuses squarely on the killer.

This new DLC chapter — which is being called A Lullaby for the Dark — will be available before the end of July on PC. There's currently no word on when this content will be made available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, although we do know that the consoles are set to receive the game's Michael Myers DLC next month.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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