New downloadable content coming to a game is always something to get excited for, but in the case of Dead by Daylight‘s latest DLC, it’s worth screaming over. Developer Behaviour Interactive and publisher Starbreeze Studios have announced today that A Lullaby for the Dark has officially gone live, and to celebrate the occasion, the companies have released screenshots that show off the new killer that comes bundled in the pack.

Labeled The Huntress, the new Dead by Daylight killer is a woman who appears to be slightly off-the-rails. She wields throwing axes to chop down her victims and dons a blood-covered rabbit mask that only exposes the bottom half of her face — perhaps to hide a crazed look in her eyes, or to conceal a facial deformity or scar.

dead by daylight the huntress

In any case, the Huntress’ creepy aesthetic meshes seamlessly with the asymmetrical horror game, and her weapon of choice could prove enough to establish her as a top killer within the game. When used properly, her axes may counter — or discourage, at the very least — players who rely on sneaky tactics like “killer trolling” to evade the murderers within the game. With few places to truly shield themselves from an attack, Dead by Daylight players will either have to be extremely quick or supremely clever to out-run or dodge the Huntress’ throwing axes.

Just a few days before these new looks at the Huntress were released, Behaviour Interactive rolled out a chilling DLC trailer teasing her abilities. These screenshots kick things up a notch, zeroing in on just what makes the Huntress so fearsome. One pic highlights the Huntress’ foreboding stance, where she carries a large axe in one and a smaller one in the other, her head titled to her right side in an intimidating fashion. Other snaps show her in action: chasing after a victim who’s headed into what appears to be an abandoned cabin, walking through the woods with a body slung over her shoulder, and colliding with someone apparently mid-kill.

dead by daylight new killer

Alongside the Huntress in A Lullaby for the Dark comes a new map called Mother’s Dwelling, as well as an all-new survivor character named David King. The new DLC is currently available on PC, but there hasn’t been an official announcement on when A Lullaby for the Dark will make its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

But that’s not to say console users won’t get to have their fair share of fun. Both PS4 and Xbox One systems are slated to receive Dead by Daylight‘s Halloween Michael Myers DLC sometime in August.

Dead by Daylight is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.