Dead By Daylight Developer Teases New Multiplayer Game Deathgarden

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Behaviour Interactive, the developer behind the multiplayer slasher/survival game Dead By Daylight have teased they are working on a new multiplayer title. The title will be a 5v1 first person shooter and will be called Deathgarden.

Not many details have been released on the title, outside of Behaviour Interactive giving a short description by saying, "Deathgarden is a brutal asymmetrical shooter, where powerful hunters prey on agile runners, in a spectacular dystopian bloodsport." Outside of that, and knowing the game will have a 5v1 format, nothing else is known. The developer did state they would be revealing more information at PAX East, which is taking place next week. The teaser trailer can be viewed below.

As you can see from the trailer, there is not much to go on. You can hear some screaming in the background and coupled with the darkened forest, creates quite a bit of atmosphere. Two characters are shown, one smaller figure that is bound and another, larger gun-wielding character. The bound character may be one of the runners that the hunters are after. The larger figure, with its armor reminiscent of a Titan from the Destiny series, is more than likely one of the aforementioned hunters.

Fans of Dead By Daylight will want to keep an eye out for more details on Deathgarden, as it looks to have the same intensity as Behaviour Interactive's previous title. No release date or confirmed platforms (outside of PC) have been announced, as of yet, but the developer will more than likely provide some of that information when they officially reveal the game at PAX East next week. For those whose interested has already been piqued, there is a sign-up to take part in the closed PC alpha on the game's official website.

Behaviour Interactive seems to be keeping itself busy lately, as they also recently announced its content plans for the next year of Dead By Daylight as well. The company outlined a roadmap for Year 3 of the game, which will include new killers, maps and survivors. Players can expect the new content for that game to start dropping this summer.

Deathgarden does not have an official release date and the only confirmed platform as of now is PC.

Source: IGN

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