Dead By Daylight: The 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Playable Survivors

Dead By Daylight is an interesting survival horror experience where four survivors are struggling to outwit and escape a powerful killer who’s doing the bidding of an ancient evil. Escaping requires finding useful items, avoiding detection, escaping the killer’s grasp, healing allies, repairing generators and other activities.

Each survivor brings their own set of skills to the table, though any survivor can be trained to use any ability. In the early levels with default skills, there are some survivors who are more likely to escape and others that will get themselves and their team killed. Here are the 5 best and 5 worst survivors you can play as in Dead By Daylight.

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10 Best: David Tapp

David Tapp is a detective whose skills make him ideally suited for locating and solving objectives faster than most survivors. Tenacity helps him crawl to safety faster or keep the killer distracted that much longer and Stake Out allows him to farm for tokens by standing within the Terror Radius of the Killer for 15 seconds per token.

His shining ability is Detective's Hunch, which kicks in once he’s completed a generator and reveals  the locations of other generators and chests within a sizable area for five seconds. If he has a map on hand, those generators are revealed on the map for all survivors to see.

9 Worst: Feng Min

Feng Min abilities aren’t necessarily bad, but it’s just that other survivors are much better suited to performing the tasks her abilities were meant for. Technician makes repairing generators much quieter and cancels out any failed attempts.

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Unfortunately, her others perks, like Lithe which gives her sprinting for three seconds after a rushed vault or Alert which lets her see the killer when they perform a breaking action for a total of five seconds. It’s better than nothing, but unless she’s repairing something she isn’t that useful.

8 Best: Nea Karlsson

You wouldn’t think an urban artist/graffitist would be all that useful in a survival situation, but Nea’s ability to avoid detection is surprisingly useful. Balanced Landing allows her to reduce the stagger that comes from falls and even start running for a few seconds.

Street Wise reduces the time it takes to use an item which is great when on the run or if she sees a killer coming. But Urban Evasion is where she really shines, where she moves twice as fast as the other survivors when crouching.

7 Worst: Ash Williams

Ash is a strong survivor, but his abilities are only really capitalized when he’s going toe to toe with the killer in order to buy time for his teammates. An example is Flip-Flop, which converts some of his recovery progression into wiggle progression whenever he’s in the Dying State.

Buckle Up is handy for spotting survivors in trouble and healing them will reveal where the killer is for a few seconds. But his ultimate ability, Mettle of Man, triggers whenever he receives three Protection Hit Score Events. Whenever he reaches full health, he is immediately visible to the killer, thus incentivizing  playing injured or willingly acting as bait.

6 Best: Meg Thomas

Meg is an athlete and a fast one at that. Quick And Quiet reduces the noise she makes when vaulting over objects or diving into lockers. The Adrenaline perk allows her to ignore exhaustion for a while and wake up if she’s asleep whenever she’s freed from something.

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Her shining ability is Sprint Burst, which under normal circumstances gives her a 150% boost in running speed for a few seconds, though she will need a breather after using it. But when the Exit Gates start receiving power, she will instantly heal up a health state (such as dying to injured) and gain a 150% boost to running speed to help her escape.

5 Worst: Ace Visconti

Ace is a gambler and his perks reflect that lifestyle. Open-Handed increases the aura-reading of himself and his teammates which is only useful if they have aura reading abilities. Up The Ante increases the Luck stat for all living survivors, but diminishes with each dead survivor.

Finally his Ace In The Hole can be helpful as it guarantees any items found will have an add-on, but the item received and the add-on given are entirely randomized. Admittedly, he’s incredibly handy if he’s in a talented group with lots of aura-related abilities. But if he isn’t and most of the team is dead, then he only has items to rely upon.

4 Best: Claudette Morel

Claudette is the healer of the game and very, very useful for surviving whatever the killer throws at the players. With Empathy she can see the auras of Dying or Injured allies so she can rush to their rescue. Her Botany Knowledge will transform the plants found by the Campfire into medicines that can slow bleeding and her healing speed and item efficiency is dramatically improved.

Her final ability Self-Care allows her to heal herself without a Med-Kit, albeit at 50% of normal healing speed. Fortunately, this is somewhat negated by the potential 33% healing speed boost she gets from Botany Knowledge.

3 Worst: Kate Denson

Kate is a singer with songs of hope, love, and friendship, which aren’t that useful when being chased by a psychopath with a chainsaw. Boil Over allows her to struggle harder than other survivors when caught and prevent the killer from seeing Hook auras.

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Windows of Opportunity allow her to see pallets for her to use and Dance With Me allows her to not leave behind any scratch marks when she successfully vaults something at a run. She’s essentially meant to be bait who gets the killer’s attention, fights to free herself, finds a nearby pallet, jumps over and gets away. But when she’s free, she has no useful abilities.

2 Best: Dwight Fairfield

Though you wouldn’t expect it from this geeky young man, Dwight is easily the best survivor in the game. His skills make him an effective leader for getting everyone, including himself, out alive.

Bond allows him to see where allies are within a sizable area. Prove Thyself increases the repair speed of other survivors working on the same generator by 10% each. But it’s Leader that makes him a valuable survivor by increasing the speed of other survivors actions like unhooking, chest searches, healing, sabotaging, and more by up to 25%!

1 Worst: Laurie Strode

Honestly, Laurie is a great survivor if she’s alone or needing to act as bait. As each teammate dies. her Sole Survivor perk blocks some of the killer’s aura reading abilities but can make the killer obsessed with finding her.

She can become the killer’s obsession by looking in the killer’s direction which also reveals her aura. Her final ability Decisive Strike is strong as it allows her to escape the killer immediately and stun them for five seconds after a successful skill check, but it's only available if she’s been unhooked recently. Basically everyone needs to be dead, she can't ever look at the killer, and she needs to first escape a hook (by herself) to escape the killer.

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