Dead By Daylight: The 10 Best Killer Perks, Ranked

There is a large roster of utterly terrifying Killers in Dead By Daylight. They each have their own strengths and abilities that when combined with powerful perks make them brutal killing machines that can make the round a living nightmare for survivors.

There are a lot of perks to choose from and some are better than others. Which perk you choose should be based on who you like to play as and cater to your strengths, but here are some strong suggestions for making you the ultimate big bad.

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10 Hex: No One Escapes Death

This perk can function as either a major delay or a last ditch effort for a few kills. Throughout the map are five Dull Totems. If there is at least one Dull Totem active by the time the Exit Gates start opening this perk will activate causing all survivors to suffer Exposed which causes them to go down in one hit and gives you a speed boost of 3% at Tier III.

This is great for getting that last pesky survivor or making sure you get at least one kill before the round ends. It can also be a great distraction as survivors will be too busy cleansing Totems to fix generators.

9 Make Your Choice

This perk is nice for players that routinely get someone on the hook or have a lot of powers related to hooking survivors. Make Your Choice triggers when someone rescues another from the Hook, they become affected by Exposed which will drop them with one hit.

It lasts an incredible 60 seconds and once it wears off it’s ready to be used again. This is great for going after stronger players who are routinely saving their allies or for those survivors that get buffs for unhooking others. The Pig gets this ability right away.

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8 Cruel Limits

Cruel Limits is proving to be an incredibly useful perk. Whenever a generator is repaired all windows and vault spots in a 24 meter radius are immediately locked and wont allow survivors through for 30 seconds on Tier III.

This is great for cornering survivors and taking down the pesky ones who abilities are built around vaulting. They do have to make progress towards their goal for this to trigger, but it makes each success an opportunity for you. The new Killer Demogorgon gets this ability automatically.

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7 Tinkerer

This is a great perk on it’s own but can be combined with the one above for even greater effect. Whenever a generator is repaired to 85% you get a notification and your Terror Radius drops to zero.

This is great for sneaking up on survivors close to repairing the generator and you can either blitz them mid-repair or wait for them to finish and let Cruel Limits cut off their escape routes while you go in for the kill. The Hillbilly gets this perk.

6 Brutal Strength

Pallets can be a nuisance and generators that have been somewhat fixed pose a problem. Brutal Strength eliminates both headaches by allowing you to destroy pallets that have dropped and do damage to generators 20% faster than normal at Tier III.

Survivors will lose their ability to dodge you and it’ll take longer for them to fix generators when you’re messing with them. It’s a great way to buy yourself some time and remove some of their escape routes. The Trapper has this perk automatically.

5 Enduring

This is a great perk that allows you to recover faster from stuns via pallets. Enduring kicks in whenever you’re struck by a pallet and reduces the time you’d normally be stunned by 50% at Tier III.

This inhibits one of the only major weapons all survivors have and cuts down on how long they have to escape from you. Pallets are still annoying, but this makes them considerably less so. If you also have Brutal Strength you can make it so the pesky pallet never bothers you again. The Hillbilly has this ability from the beginning.

4 Remember Me

Some Killers just really have a problem with one survivor in particular. Remember Me causes you to become Obsessed with a particular survivor from the group. As your Obsession, whenever you strike them you increase how long it takes the Exit Gates to open, up to a whopping 16 seconds with Tier III.

That extra time is incredible and some players have mentioned having an Obsession gives them a reason for focusing on taking down one survivor at a time instead of splitting their attention with everybody and having everyone get away. Because survivors can see who the Obsession is it may also cause them to change their strategy to keep them alive or sacrifice them to you, either of which is a good thing. This is a Freddy Krueger perk.

3 Hex: Ruin

This perk is very powerful, but doesn’t last long in a match. One of the five Dull Totems will become a Hex Totem and allow this perk to be activated. Whenever a survivor performs a skill check and gets Good it actually causes 5% regression at Tier III and Great skill checks wont give any bonus to the survivor which buys you a lot of time to take them out.

Once the survivors realize this Hex is in play they’ll immediately set out to cleansing the totems which also buys you time. Given enough time any team will fall and this perk is great at giving you that needed time. The Hag starts with this powerful ability.

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2 Nurse’s Calling

This is an awesome perk to have as survivors will constantly be healing and many will have perks that permit even more healing attempts like Self-Care. A Nurse’s Calling causes a survivor to become visible as soon as they attempt a healing within 28 meters of you at Tier III.

This makes healing risky as it either discourages them from doing it which is good for you or you immediately discover their location when they finally break down and pull out a Med-Kit. It’s one of the rare perks that benefits you even when it isn’t activated. The Nurse has this great ability.

1 Barbecue And Chili

Perhaps the strongest Killer perk in the game is Barbecue And Chili. This perk activates when you Hook a survivor and for four seconds it tells you where every survivor is that’s further than 40 meters from the Hook.

This favors aggressive play, which you should be engaged in as you can Hook a survivor, chase another down, Hook that one and in that bloody cycle have tabs on where the other survivors are. Definitely combine this with Make Your Choice. The Cannibal comes with this ability.

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