Dead by Daylight hackers better beware, as the game’s developers have posted a long list of misdemeanors that can now see players getting banned for performing. According to Behaviour Interactive, a squad of heavily armed Community Moderators aim to crack down on reported issues, whether they involve cheating or just simply abusive play.

The game, which pits four survivors against one often supernatural killer, has long suffered from a range of matchmaking issues including hacking and the use of bots. Now Dead by Daylight aims to be a much fairer experience for all players, with a range of offenses resulting in permanent or temporary bans for its playerbase.

To earn a permanent ban, Dead by Daylight users will need to be caught hacking the game files to tamper with achievement progress, unlock new skins, or increase their Blood Points. Botting, wherein a player would spawn in as the killer and simply attack the air endlessly is also prohibited. Behaviour Interactive is taking a strict stance against 3rd party software, and using any programs in-game that have not been whitelisted by the developer might result in a user losing access to the game completely.

Temporary bans are also in play, with offenses earning players increasingly long dismissals depending on their prior reports. Harrassing other players in-game is enough to earn users a 24-hour ban, and griefing fellow survivors may end in a similar punishment. Exploiting broken aspects of the game is also no longer allowed, especially on streaming platforms, though it might prove difficult to say just what counts as exploitation.

One thing that is sure to improve the quality of life for all players is a new temporary ban that will be issued to users who rage quit. This ban doesn’t even require footage or reports from other players, as a new system put in place by the developer will apparently flag users who consistently disconnect mid-game. Getting banned for minor issues enough times can also lead to a permanent ban on a player’s account.

Incorrect permanent bans can be appealed, so a locked account isn’t gone forever, but temporary bans cannot be altered. With that in mind, Dead by Daylight fans should be encouraged to play nice, as the longer bans can lock players out for as long as a week – which could cause them to miss some of the game’s more important events.

This new reporting system appears to focus mostly on the game’s original PC version, which may mean that console players will have a tougher time in finding issue-free matches. This isn’t the first time that the fanbase has been divided like this, with Xbox fans still waiting on the newest Michael Myers DLC, despite it being readily available on PC and PS4.

Dead by Daylight is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Steam