Dead by Daylight Leak Teases Ash from Evil Dead


Not too long ago, Behaviour Interactive pushed out an update for Dead by Daylight's Chapter 11, Demise of the Faithful, which added a new female Killer, a new Survivor, and a new map for players of the survival horror title to experience. Shortly after the update, some fans discovered several leaked perks that potentially tease the impending arrival of the Evil Dead franchise's protagonist Ashley J. Williams in the game.

There are three Survivor perks that directly reference Ash in Dead by Daylight, and their descriptions also include quotes from the character. The first one is a rare perk called "Flip-Flop", which grants Survivors a better chance of wriggling free from a Killer's grasp. The second one is a very rare perk called "Mettle of Man", and it helps Survivors to better outlast a Killer's basic hits, but increases the chances of becoming a Killer's obsession. The third one is also a very rare perk, and it's dubbed "Buckle Up", granting one the ability to better find dying Survivors, with reviving them granting the ability to see a Killer's aura for a short time.

As of now, it's unclear as to which version of Ash from the Evil Dead franchise Behaviour Interactive could add into Dead by Daylight, but there's a decent chance that he won't come equipped with his chainsaw hand or signature "Boomstick" shotgun. What's more is that these leaked perks have led to speculation as to whether or not the next chapter will be totally focused on the Evil Dead series. If so, perhaps the next Killer will be a Deadite and the new map will be the iconic cabin in the woods from the first movie.

For those unaware, Dead by Daylight has added several pieces of DLC inspired by various horror films, so an Evil Dead chapter wouldn't be too outlandish. After all, there has been a Halloween chapter that included Michael Myers as the Killer, a Nightmare on Elm Street chapter bringing Freddy Krueger into the fray, and even a Saw chapter adding Amanda Young as the playable antagonist.


All things considered, we will simply have to wait and see what transpires when it comes to Evil Dead's Ash potentially being ported into Dead by Daylight as a Survivor. Not to mention, gaming fans will hopefully receive more concrete information in the near future regarding the new Evil Dead game that's supposedly in the works.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and is expected to release in Fall 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit

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