New 'Dead or Alive: Dimensions' Trailers Feature 'Metroid' Inspired Level & Samus Aran

Dead or Alive Dimensions Trailers

Like Old Faithful, death, and taxes, gamers can always rely on the Dead or Alive series to make an appearance on their favorite console. With the new 3DS being the talk of the town, Team Ninja thought they would bring their unique fighting game to the hot new tech.

Some new gameplay trailers for the title, Dead or Alive: Dimensions, have surfaced as part of the recent 3DS marketing blitz to show off gameplay, an online component, and even a Nintendo-inspired level.

Fans of the Dead or Alive series will soon get to experience a fighting game similar to what they have come to expect, only in handheld form - and with 3D. Signature characters like Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi are making repeat appearances in Dimensions along with many other fan favorites.

One element that should make great use of the 3DS technology is the interaction between foreground fighting and the immersive backgrounds. Players will be tasked with focusing on their front-and-center opponent as well as avoiding other dangers like machine gun fire from a hovering helicopter.

To get a better look at all the various gameplay flourishes Dimensions has to offer, check out the trailer below:


One other level-specific obstacle gamers will have to avoid is the flying lizard Ripley from the Metroid series. While in combat, Ripley will be launching fireballs at the fighters and if any should be so unlucky as to land out of bounds, Ripley is sure to give them a swift beating.

The end of the trailer 0ffers a brief tease for Samus; though no confirmation has been provided as to whether this is just a post-fight cutscene or if she'll join in on the action. Considering Team Ninja’s recent work on Other M, perhaps the developer worked out a deal to utilize the space bounty hunter as a playable character.

See the Metroid level in action below:


While many gamers might have their sights focused on Street Fighter for their 3D specific fighting experience, Dead or Alive has always been known to deliver great entertainment when played with friends. Though you might need to know your friends’ codes, Dead or Alive: Dimensions will be offering an online component for gamers to duke it out on the go. Tie the multiplayer in with the previously announced story mode and Dimensions offers a well-rounded experience - especially for a handheld title.

If Dead or Alive: Dimensions hits the U.S. around the same time as its Japanese release date, gamers will have a solid fighting title with some classic Nintendo throwbacks to pick up on day one.

Dead or Alive Samus

How do you think Dead or Alive: Dimensions will fare against the other 3DS titles, including Street Fighter, set for launch this year? What other Nintendo mascots would you like to see pop up in the game?

Source: VG247

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