'Dead or Alive: Dimensions' Only Possible With 3DS' Online Functionality

Dead or Alive Dimensions Only on 3DS Hardware

Dead or Alive: Dimensions will be released on the 3DS next month, and some players may be wondering why it is that the game wasn't also developed for the PSP. Sony's portable handheld device has a fair number of fighting games that have been released for it since it's debut, but Dead or Alive is still not among them. Now the head of developer Team Ninja has explained that the 3DS has the hardware and networking abilities to make it the perfect candidate.

With the launch of the 3DS happening in Japan later this month, DoA: Dimensions, like Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition will be one of the few fighting games being released on the system so shortly after it's debut. With the 3Ds' Street Pass system, it goes without saying that online and network competition will be a major factor for any fighting titles, and the device's hardware itself is what makes that possible.

Team Ninja made it clear last year that they were in the 'rebooting' frame of mind, so the next installment in the Dead or Alive franchise can't be bogged down by frame rate drops or less than ideal graphics.

The developers recently spoke with Siliconera and gave the reason for their decision to develop on the 3DS and not the PSP. Team Ninja's lead Yosuke Hayashi explained that for them, the choice was clear:

"We were looking for hardware which could hold its weight by allowing us to make a smooth network play experience and give players a chance to enjoy going against each other online... 3DS was that perfect candidate since network play puts very little stress on the hardware, letting us implement everything that we wanted to have in the game without sacrificing any of the graphical and technical performance."

With possibly the future of the series on another platform at stake, it's nice to hear that Team Ninja isn't rushing into any decisions, and going to the hardware that could support their game, not the other way around. The game looks to bring plenty of familiar faces back for another round, so hopefully the 3D will just give fans even more to enjoy, as opposed to replacing other potential features.

Any time a series goes an extended period of time without a release, or is set to launch for a new customer base, developers have to decide if they will stay true to their roots, or make adjustments. DoA has never exactly been friendly to amateur fighters, so with the launch of the game on a brand new platform, will things be getting any easier or more forgiving to newcomers? Not according to Hayashi:

“The parts from previous games that were ridiculously difficult have been made easier and more approachable, though we have prepared some challenges for expert players that will make Dead or Alive 4 feel like a walk in the park!”

Whether that comes as good news or bad for you, trust that Team Ninja will be working out any preexisting kinks in the last title. Some characters that were seen as overpowered or broken have been rebalanced using Dead or Alive 4 as a proving ground.

Do you agree with Team Ninja's decision to develop DoA: Dimensions exclusively on the 3DS? What do you think the odds are of the franchise coming to the NGP in the future?

Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Dead or Alive: Dimensions is scheduled to be released in Japan on March 23, 2011 for the 3DS.

Source: Siliconera

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