Virtua Fighter's Akira Joins the Cast of 'Dead or Alive 5'

Virtua Fighter Dead or Alive Crossover

Every single fighting game hitting the market nowadays seems to either be strictly focused on gaming-related crossovers, or at the very least includes a special guest character. Dead or Alive 5 will apparently not be changing this recent fight game philosophy either, as it has now been confirmed that a special guest character will be joining the rest of the DoA cast. It's been revealed that Virtua Fighter's Akira Yuki will be getting in on the fray.

This news was revealed in a recent trailer for Dead or Alive 5. The trailer doesn't explain why the Sega-owned Akira is even in this game, but I'm sure that the developers realize that fans of both franchises really don't care; as long as this character makes an appearance, fans will be happy.

Those desperately hoping to catch a glimpse of Dead or Alive's Kasumi getting absolutely trounced by Akira Yuki of Virtua Fighter fame will be delighter to know that they can catch the reveal trailer right here.


Those who've been following the Dead or Alive series since Dead or Alive 4 are probably well aware that this isn't the first time the games have featured a special guest character. In the previous numbered-installment, a female spartan from the Halo universe ended up getting mixed up in the chaos and had to battle the likes of Ryu Hayabusa and company.

This crossover is one that many probably didn't see coming, but now that it's happened some fans are probably wondering if we'll eventually see a Dead or Alive X Virtua Fighter game along the same lines of Street Fighter X Tekken. It's entirely possible that Tecmo and Sega may want to pursue a crossover fighter like that, but whether or not that happens will be based entirely on demand from fans who are vocal about this cameo appearance from Akira. At the very least, it seems probable that Ryu will make the jump over to the next Virtua Fighter.

Dead or Alive 5 releases September 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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