The five-year-old superhero MMO DC Universe Online is finally coming to a Microsoft console this year with a free-to-play spring release on the Xbox One.

Although many gamers may have forgotten about Daydreak Game Company’s MMO version of the comics world, the DC Universe Online MMO is still alive and well five years after its initial release. The superhero-themed role-playing game has been available on PS3, PS4, and PC for years, but Microsoft console gamers are about to finally join in on the action.

Although World of Warcraft can still get away with charging subscribers $15 per month, DC Universe Online is one of the many MMOs to take the free-to-play route in an effort to keep players active. The game’s active player count jumped up over 100,000 when it made the transition to free-to-play years ago and there should be another spike in activity when the game is finally released on a Microsoft console this spring.

Rumors that DC Universe Online would be ported to Xbox One started circulating last year when one of the developers tweeted about their interest in a Microsoft port, but a new tweet from the game’s official account has finally confirmed that the game will arrive on the Xbox One in 2016…

The developer also confirmed the project on its own Twitter account, but there have not been any specific details released about the game. It will still be free-to-play and will almost certainly introduce new servers to the game specifically for Xbox One players. Even though the game is free-to-play, we’ll be curious to see if the publisher offers any special bonus to play on Xbox One, such as unique in-game items or skins.

DC Universe Online isn’t the most popular or relevant MMO, but it is still exciting to see another game of this scale arrive on the Xbox One. The Elder Scrolls Online left many gamers a little disappointed after a series of launch problems and fans of the MMO genre are still hoping to see the new console generation fully embrace the genre. Although a brand new MMO would obviously be ideal, DC Universe Online may be enough to hold fans over. The price tag is certainly a great selling point.

Even though the game is five years old, there is likely a large market of players on the Xbox One who have never tried it before. The game has been incredibly popular on the Sony consoles and back in the summer of 2014 it was the number one revenue generating free-to-play game on the PS3 and PS4. There is definitely some money to be made on the Microsoft console and we look forward to seeing what kind of special events or promotions are offered to win hesitant gamers over.

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DC Universe Online is currently available for PC, PS3, and PS4. No date for the Xbox One release has been announced.

Source: Twitter