New DC Universe Online Trailer: Be Good or Evil but Not the Swiss

DC Universe Online

With all of the steam that Marvel has been building over the past decade with film franchises and video game tie-ins, it was an inevitability that DC would have to do something bold to catch up. They figured that the best way to use fans love of the DC Universe to their advantage was to bring them all together under one roof, an MMO roof. And so DC Universe Online was born.

Just the idea of an MMO set in the DC Universe should be enough to move plenty of units and would get any comic book fan excited, as long as they are not a Marvel fan boy of course. Released today is a trailer debuting the iconic choice that faces all “supers” living in the DC Universe: do good or do evil.

Check the trailer out below:

The first trailer for the game spent plenty of time ensuring players knew that they were going to be cavorting not playing as the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel but this trailer gives you a greater taste of the combat your own unique hero/villain will partake in. We see everything from wall running to super strength showcased as some of the powers at hand for your character. Not much has been revealed as to whether you will be restricted by the amount of powers one character can possess but I am hoping the sky is limit.

These graphics and animations do look a bit dated to me, but perhaps sacrifices needed to be made in order to ensure that the game ran smooth across the PS3 and PC. What I can glean from the trailer is that this game does have the possibility of having more hiccups than Lindsay Lohan after a night on the town.

Pricing for the game seems reasonable but is it enough to take players away from World of Warcraft? I don’t think so. Sony Online Entertainment wont have a hard time getting people excited about the game but turning that excitement into something of monetary substance will take more than getting to fight alongside Green Lantern.

An MMO already came out that allowed you to create your own superhero, it was called City of Heroes. If you want to create a game that outdoes City of Heroes then allow me to inhabit the identity of a superhero or villain that I know and love. But that will never happen because DC hates to mess with canon. You know I wanted to see Superman rip out Raiden’s spine so why didn’t you give that to me. I applaud DC Universe for a clever idea but am disheartened by their nearsighted execution. I love me some Superman but I hate staring at his crotch while he flies off into the distance.

Does this trailer get you excited for DC Universe Online or do you feel like you are being baited and switched? Let us know in the comments below.

DC Universe Online ships faster than a speeding bullet in November 2010 on the PC and PS3.

Source: Kotaku

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