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Fast fact: DC is an unquestionable superpower in the world of comics today. The home of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and many others means that as long as there are comic books, DC will have a place among the top. But DC is not satisfied with their universe of characters being accessed only through the page: they want to create an online world for gamers to inhabit with their own ideas of heroes and villains. And so we have DC Universe Online.

While DC may have the characters and stories to flesh out an online universe, the game's success is not a sure thing at this point. Not due to the game itself, but to the type of genre that it's trying to break into.

We still don't know how successful a DC MMORPG can be against juggernauts World of Warcraft and the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic. While many on the outside may be lacking confidence, there's no shortage at DC and Sony Online Entertainment. DC envisions a world in which players can not only create their own character, but decide whether they will side with the greatest heroes or villains.

So with trailers showing off the gameplay and character design, DC needed to put out a video that would focus on the story of DCU, and the mood they have in mind for the game as a whole. Who better to approach than Blur Studio, the makers of the epic Old Republic announcement trailer. If you haven't checked out the story trailer by now, you really should.

No doubt a pleasure to view, but now DC has released a behind-the-scenes look at the ideas and influences behind the trailer. For any DC comics fan, it's worth it just to see the heroes and villains in action:


DC and SOE are hoping that this new, darker glimpse at the story behind DC Universe will bring in those MMO fans who desire a storyline they can really sink their teeth into. But when it comes to online games, the proof is in the pudding. So we'll have to wait for launch to render a final verdict.

If this were any other property, I would most likely be lukewarm on this game. But as a comics fan, I have to hope that the storylines will reflect the strength of that of the comics in recent years, and the gameplay will be at least as good. Creativity is what I'm interested in, and when you have legendary artist Jim Lee putting together the character designs, and Geoff Johns at the helm, it's hard to have serious doubts. Just the sight of an armored Batman, Flak jacketed-Joker, and the always-awesome Deathstroke has me looking forward to a Justice League movie, as well as DCU.

So far, DC hasn't done too much to "wow" the audiences for this ambitious game. But hey, neither did Borderlands, and that worked out pretty good in the end. So for now I would advise the fans of comic book games out there to hope for the best, but prepare for a bit of a disappointment.

You can make your own legend when DC Universe Online is released in November 2010 on PC and PS3.

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