Fight Alongside Superman in 'DC Universe Online'

DC Univese Online Superman Screens

When one thinks of the DC Universe, they instantly think of Superman. As one of the most popular and beloved superheroes of all time, Superman is the standard against which every other hero is judged. Though players won’t be able to play as the Man of Steel in DC Universe Online, they will at least be able to fight alongside him. Just released are some screenshots that show the last son of Krypton in action.

The story of DC Universe Online revolves around a world where every human being has been given superpowers. In an effort to prevent a future where Superman and the rest of the DC Comics lexicon are killed off, Lex Luthor has traveled back in time to bestow superhero powers to ordinary citizens, thereby jump starting the game.

As part of the game’s character creation, players can decide which of a number of superheroes they would like to be their mentor. Which hero is selected will determine who gamers will encounter the most and who they will see in various battles.

While many might select Wonder Woman or Batman, a vast majority of players are going to want to spend their time online fighting alongside Superman, considering his leadership status and abilities. Eventually, as the player progresses through the game, they even will be able to tailor their abilities and skills to make them as close to Superman as possible without actually wearing the red, yellow, and blue.

Check out Superman in action below:

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After word came down that DC Universe Online would only be allowing players to fight alongside (rather than as) popular DC Comics superheroes, it was a bit of a let down. The idea of inhabiting the persona of classic characters like Green Lantern or Batman sounded much more intriguing and original than creating your own superhero. After getting some hands-on time with the game, it does accurately capture the feel of being a true superhero. The game launches in only a couple of days, so it’s high time to decide on a superhero costume.

How many gamers out there will be selecting Superman as their superhero mentor in DC Universe Online? Who is planning on picking up DC Universe Online when it releases this coming Tuesday?

DC Universe Online releases January 11, 2011, for PC and PS3.

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