‘DC Universe Online’ Story Trailer


Fans of the upcoming MMORPG DC Universe Online who are wondering about the game's story needn't wait any longer.

Sony, combined with the efforts of Blur Studios (makers of those awesome The Old Republic cinematic trailers) have put up the first story trailer for the DC Universe Online.

The trailer is an epic affair, clocking in at six minutes. If you think that's too long, believe me, you'll wish it was a lot longer.

The trailer acts as the setup for the overarching story of the game - namely the notable DC heroes teaming with evil-doer Lex Luthor in an attempt to stop Brainiac from taking over the world. Yeah, Lex Luthor is bad, but Brainiac is a hell of a lot worse. At least Lex Luthor can die.

DC Universe Online Logo

The ending of the trailer is unexpected, which goes to show just how involved I was in watching from beginning to end. Seems like the DC Universe will get pretty shaken-up - and I'm definitely interested in discovering how players will stop Brainiac.

DC Universe Online may only be a few short months away, but very little is known about the actual game mechanics and interface. All we really know is the pricing and expected release time-frame.

I'm still on the fence about the game. Sony still has plenty of competition with World of Warcraft, not to mention The Old Republic. However, Sony still has a nice corner on the market - given that DC Universe will be the only MMORPG released on a console.

DC Universe Online is set to overthrow Brainiac sometime in November 2010 on PS3 and PC.

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