DC Universe Online Pricing Announced

DC Universe Online, the MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment, will carry a subscription fee when it hits stores this November.

It will cost $14.99 for gamers to fight crime or create it along side their favorite DC Comics characters. The game's monthly fee, confirmed by SOE's Scott Gulbransen, is identical to the fee of most pay-to-play MMOs on the market. $14.99 shouldn't surprise MMO veterans but may not make newcomers to the system too happy. Many were hoping that this console MMORPG would avoid the traditional pay-per-month model of exclusively PC MMOs. The subscription fee will separate the fans from those who aren't that dedicated to the DC Comics universe.

Paying a monthly fee is an investment that not everyone will be willing to make. The announcement of the subscription fee has already pushed many gamers away from potentially buying the game. It is hard enough to gain the interest of the gaming community when releasing a new game. Now, Sony Online Entertainment is going to have to work to justify a monthly bill. Those who are going to try DC Universe Online are going to want a high quality and highly addictive game with constant updates. A DC Universe Online trailer has been released to give prospective players an idea of what the game has in store.

Every new MMO is in the large shadow of World of Warcraft. How many gamers purchase & subscribe to DC Universe Online, and how long those subscriptions last, will be interesting stats to track this fall. The source material already has a wide audience, but the cross-section of DC Comics fans and dedicated MMO gamers may not be as large as Sony and DC think.

Has the announcement of a monthly fee diminished your excitement for the game? Do you think it will be worth it?

DC Universe Online will be coming to both PS3 and PC in November, with cross-over between the two.

Source: CVG

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