Mad-Scientist Mayhem in 'DC Universe Online' Oolong Island Trailer

DC Universe Online Oolong Island Trailer

Believe or not, DC Universe Online is out now for the PS3 and PC. This latest trailer details Oolong Island, an place set in the south seas described in the video as very odd and full of mad scientists. Of course and as could be expected things go wrong and players have to go in and try to clean up the mess.

Mad scientists, a mad scientist madder than all the rest, crazy experiments, and of course, crazy experiments gone all seems like something that could easily be straight out of a comic and should also lend itself to some fun missions and MMO content. Check out the trailer below for the details and the moving pictures:


At this point many gamers interested in DC Universe Online have already been exposed to a lot of media and have likely had some hands-on time with the game either at an event like E3 or Comic Con, or by taking part in the beta. But with the beta now concluded and the beta's closing event a thing of the past, Sony Online Entertainment is looking to give potential players a taste of other content found in the full version game and the Oolong Island trailer does that. Sure, it would be cool to see some of the famous DC heroes that players might encounter during the Oolong Island missions, or to see some other big-name villains that might make an appearance, but some surprises should likely be left for those playing the game.

What are your thoughts on this latest DC Universe Online trailer? Does this look like a location or set of missions that gets you excited about the game? Does this latest trailer sway you one way or the other regarding potentially picking up DC Universe Online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

DC Universe Online is out now for PC and PS3.

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