10 Tips For Healing In DC Universe Online

There are four roles in DC Universe Online: Controller, Tank, Damage Dealer (DPS), and Healer. Healer is exactly what it sounds like; your job is to keep your team healthy. There are a multitude of ways to achieve this, and each healing power type comes at healing from a bit of a different angle.

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Being a Healer means you're the person that your team is going to rely on more often than just about anyone else. Here are ten tips to help make sure you're doing everything you can for them.

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10 Power Sets

There are five power sets that can play as the Healer role: Nature, Sorcery, Electricity, Celestial, and Water. Each of these powers has a pretty unique flavor; there are some consistencies between them all, but they all have something that only that power set brings to the table, too. Some players aren't going to like playing every healing style, so it's worth taking a look at how each power set works before devoting time to leveling a character with it, unless you'd rather just try it out for yourself.

9 Instant Heal

Every healing power set has an instant heal power. It's typically a power that you unlock pretty early on in when leveling up, so you'll have access to it near the beginning of your characters' life. This instant heal heals both you and the lowest health team member or members. It's an instant cast and doesn't use a substantial amount of power to cast, making it a nice bread-and-butter power to keep in your healing rotation.

8 Healing Over Time

HoT, or Healing Over Time, is an effect that just about every healing power set has access to, and accents heavily in the Nature power set.

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This is a nice, generally pretty constant effect that gives you and your teammates a small, constant heal that offsets the passive damage that comes from the occasional enemy AOE (Area of Effect) attacks, and can be powerful enough to ensure you don't have to do much than keep this active to keep your team alive for the majority of the time, provided the Tank is doing their job.

7 Shields

The only way to ensure that you don't need to heal your team is to keep them from getting damaged in the first place. A few healing powers have access to a shielding power that prevents damage to you and either your entire team, or at least a few of them.

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The health of this shield is effected by your Restoration stat which is your most important stat as a healer, so this shield usually ends up being a pretty valuable asset, provided your power set has access to one.

6 Supercharge

Every healing power set has access to at least one healing supercharge, and usually you'll have a couple of options. These supercharges vary in supercharge cost from 25%, 50%, or 100%, and they vary in exactly what they do, too. Some of them give your entire team a shield and/or extreme passive healing, for example. There are a wide variety of supercharge effects, but just about all of them are worth taking a look at, at the very least.

5 Nature

As mentioned before, the Nature power set features heavily on keeping HoT going. HoT in Nature generally means you're releasing pheromones, the mechanic with which Nature healing revolves around.

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Certain powers in the Nature power set give allies pheromones or refresh the pheromone effect, and allies that have these pheromones gain extra healing benefit from a number of different powers, like Nature's Instant Heal ability. This is probably the easiest to learn, and easiest to manage, of all of the healing powers.

4 Sorcery

Sorcery healing is the other healing power that launched with DC Universe Online, but it's changed a little bit over time. There are a couple of different ways you can go with Sorcery healing, too. There's the more traditional route, with some of the usual powers, along with Circle Of Protection, which casts a pretty large circle on the ground, healing any allies inside the circle.

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This is going to be an absolute lifesaver for your Tanks and melee Damage Dealers, just be sure you're placing it in a location where it's going to benefit them the most. Sorcery healing can also use a Healing Watcher, which is a pet that generally stays near you, healing allies that need it by itself.

3 Electricity

Electricity is a bit of a more advanced healing power set. It's a bit tricky, but once you have a working understanding of exactly how each power in your loadout works, it can be one of the most engaging and fluid (not counting Water) healing power sets. Electricity's unique mechanics can go one of two ways: there's the Arc Lightning ability, which chains across enemies and allies that are near each other, healing the allies and damaging the enemies.

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This is great for crowded rooms and for when your team has melee Damage Dealers. There's also Electrogenesis, which gives a HoT effect to you and your closest ally. Next, there's Galvanize, which (usually) replaces Arc Lightning as the group heal. Galvanize heals all nearby allies in a wave, so if your team is generally pretty close-knit, this is a good choice. Lastly, there's Bio-Capacitor, which heals all allies a little bit, and then heals them quite a bit more if their health falls below 40% within thirty seconds of casting the ability.

2 Celestial

Celestial is another pretty complicated power set and requires memorizing quite a few different button combos in order to use to it's fullest potential. Celestial abilities are unique, in that each power has a mirror power that you can cast immediately after casting the first power, provided you use the right button combination. The mirrored ability has a slightly different effect than it would if it was cast first. Most Celestial healing abilities revolve around healing the entire group, sometimes from power effects that you can place around the area. It also has some abilities that prevent damage in a certain area, like Consecrated Ground.

1 Water

Water is a healing power set that is a bit more traditional and easier to manage. Water revolves around keeping High Tide active, which is a power you'll almost certainly need in your loadout. With High Tide active, just about every single healing power will gain a bonus effect, or a buff to its usual effect. For example, with High Tide active, Blessing Of The Depths will HoT, as well as immediately heal you and group members. Alternately, Mending Wave will critically heal allies provided High Tide is active, instead of just healing them a normal amount.

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