DC Universe Online To Have Tie-Ins With Comic Reboot

The superhero comic has been called “the mythology of the modern era” by some – in the sense that they are inspiring stories involving incredible, superhuman characters doing things no human being could accomplish, while also giving some sort of message to learn.

That said, unfortunately, even the comic book industry is a business. Hence the “business decision” by DC Comics to reboot all of their franchises – and start over from square one. While many fans are hoping that it’s just a one-time experiment and will breeze over within a few months, some new additions to D.C. Universe Online may indicate otherwise.

To be fair, though, DC co-publisher Jim Lee said that if they were going to tie-in with the upcoming reboot, it’d be very minor. He suggested that some new items would be added that would allow your characters to wear costumes similar to the ones the rebooted heroes will be wearing. They wouldn’t be able to go in and change everyone’s models, however – nor would they want to.

The explanation was that superhero video games, much like superhero movies, aren’t supposed to reflect the current events in the comics’ plot. They either follow their own stories or are based on what are considered the best or most important stories in that respective franchise’s history. DC Universe Online in particular is supposed to represent the history of DC Comics in general, due to its non-linear nature and the multiple eras represented in the game.

DC Universe Online - Superman Smash

Obviously, the team behind DC Universe Online wasn’t aware of the reboot when the game was being developed. The idea was hinted at back in October but it wasn’t officially given the okay until February or March of this year. The October hint was pretty vague – only offering a general suggestion that a big event would be occurring in September 2011.

Do you think the upcoming comic reboot should be acknowledged by the game at all? What are your thoughts on the game as a representation of the DC Comics canon?

DC Universe Online is available now for the PS3 and PC.

Source: Kotaku