'DC Universe Online' Beta Access Coming for PlayStation Plus Members

DC Universe Online PS Plus Beta Access

What gamer - or human being for that matter - hasn’t thought about becoming a superhero? Sure, developers have attempted the “create your own hero” style of game, but none have done it quite like DC Universe Online is doing it. Allowing players to fight alongside the entire lexicon of DC heroes and villains, Sony’s MMO is looking to make good use of the property it holds.

For a little while now, a closed beta has been under way for the game on both the console and PC versions. After either a poor turnout or record demand, Sony has announced that it is putting in place plans to allow any PlayStation Plus subscriber to access the beta. There is currently no word as to when this PlayStation Plus phase of the beta will go live but Sony promises to give a set-in-stone date very soon.

After a devastating delay, it was a smart move on Sony’s part to keep buzz for the game going by making this beta much more inclusive. No matter how players’ opinions come down on the overall idea of DCUO, it’s most likely going to be the “be all” of DC superhero video games.

There will still be those titles that will deliver the singular experience (i.e. Batman: Arkham Asylum), but no where else will players be able to jump from fighting crime in Gotham City to maniacally laughing with Lex Luthor in their solid gold mansion. Not only does the title have some of DC’s most iconic heroes at the forefront but it also has the support of some of the comic book industry’s most talented artists (like Jim Lee!).

While the prospect of PlayStation Plus on its own wasn’t enough to get gamers flocking in droves, these types of beta access offers are just the thing PlayStation users were promised from the outset. Hopefully, DC Universe Online’s beta can pave the way for early beta access on all titles.

Check back to Game Rant for the exact date of the PS Plus beta and for a firm release date for the full game.

How many of you PlayStation Plus subscribers are looking forward to joining the DC Universe Online beta? Where’s the first place you’d like to travel to when you jump in the game?

DC Universe Online releases early next year for the PS3 and PC.

Source: VG247

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