What DC Superhero Game is Coming Next Year?

New DC Superhero game from Warner Bros. Interactive in 2012

Today is the day Batman: Arkham City is out and a glorious day for gamers it is. Many fans, including some of us here at Game Rant, lined up at midnight last night to pick up the title the moment it released and it's the only superhero title to get that treatment. Why? It's not a crappy movie tie-in.

While Batman: Arkham City is out now, Warner Bros. has another DC superhero game in development for next year but we don't know what it is...

My immediate thought was that it could have been a movie tie-in with Superman: Man of Steel, but that film was pushed back to the summer of 2013 and, well, Warner Bros. is smarter than that and is expected to avoid the movie tie-in disappointment-to-be. It's certainly not a tie in for The Dark Knight Rises either since they already have a hot, triple-A bat franchise and again, movie tie-ins are... you guessed it!

Marvel, you're doing it wrong. Warner Bros. Interactive has the strategy (read: common sense) down pat. Make quality games, not rushed, run of the mills ones tied to films and this is what they've done with Rocksteady Studios and their Batman titles which have no direct ties to Christopher Nolan's movies for Warner Bros.

So, what could the game be? We've reached out to Warner Bros. Interactive to find out more and are awaiting a comment so for now, let's speculate. We expect it to be a major DC superhero, and not a game from Rocksteady. Let's safely assume it's not Green Lantern or Batman related, so could it be a non-movie related Superman game? We're not confident Flash or Wonder Woman could support their own major release, but Green Arrow would offer some cool gameplay mechanics if done in the vein of the Arkham games and/or Assassin's Creed.

What we do know about WB is that Mortal Kombat is huge again and Lord of the Rings: War in the North debuts in a few weeks. As for 2012, there will be another LEGO Batman game and a game for The Hobbit since the first part of Peter Jackson's return to middle-earth begins next December.


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Source: LA Times

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