DC Comics' Geoff Johns Talks Doing a 'Superman' Video Game Right

Geoff Johns Talks Superman Game

If you've read our poll of superhero franchises we would like to see Rocksteady Studios take over, then you already know that Superman sits comfortably at the top of that list. Starring in several games that range from bad to god awful, Superman has now assumed the role that Batman once occupied, but DC's Geoff Johns hopes that will change, and gives a few thoughts as to how it might.

Obviously the most important way to ensure the Superman game gets off on the right foot is finding a competent studio. Batman happened to fall upon Rocksteady almost as if it was fated, and that relationship grew into something that helped fuel the success of both. If Superman can find a similarly receptive studio, there's no doubt that success would come of it.

While the most apparent choice would be for Rocksteady to jump in on Superman, that isn't necessarily the right fit. Part of Johns' biggest fear is that the combat in Superman will get repetitive — with the player simply flipping robots over for hours on end.

"I think all games come down to gameplay and the right studio. I'm sure the right studio could crack it. Rocksteady has a real passion for Batman, and I think that's why they make a great game."

According to Johns, a Superman game gets tossed around a lot at DC Comics, but they can never seem to find the best way to crack that impenetrable surface. One concept they are considering at the moment is John's 'Last Son' storyline, which features many of Superman's iconic foibles like Zod, and sees Metropolis overrun by super villains a la Arkham City.

There's honestly a lot that can be done with the Superman property, but most of it, if not executed perfectly, could end up being completely uninteresting. There's a reason that the pinnacle of pop culture properties tend to be avoided, for this reason or that, and Superman definitely sits at the top of that list. Still, we hope that one day DC can find the right developer and a great game franchise can be born.

What developer, aside from Rocksteady, do you think could deliver an awesome Superman game? How do you envision the game playing: open world or more linear?

Source: Kotaku



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