Warner Bros. Montreal is Working on a DC Comics Franchise Game


A new DC Comics game is in the works from the Batman: Arkham Origins team, according to a Tweet from Designer Osama Dorias at WB Montreal. There hasn't been a lot of official news about WB Montreal's next project, but quotes from Dorias hinted late last year that their next project or projects may be DC Universe related.

Arkham: Origins was the third game released in the Arkham series, and the only one not developed by Rocksteady, who created the franchise. It received mixed reviews upon release due to expectations that it would build on the foundation Rocksteady had created for the series instead of simply reinforcing established ideas. Since then, WB Montreal released the Arkham Knight DLC Batgirl: A Matter of Familybut has not otherwise announced any future projects.

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A new tweet from Dorias, however, reconfirms that the team is, in fact, working on a DC Comics related project:

There's no new information about whether this game will be related to the Arkham franchise, although there are a few tidbits that may point in that direction. A job listing posted early last year hinted that the game could feature a co-op Batman experience. And a tweet from producer Valerie Vezina in December hinted at the possibility of a storyline related to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman:Court of Owls.

This is exciting news for fans of games based on DC Comics characters. Arkham: Origins may have received mixed reviews for not adding anything new mechanically to the Arkham franchise, but it did demonstrate WB Montreal's capabilities as a developer to build a strong Batman experience. And for many fans of the Arkham games, that was enough.

However, beyond that, the team hasn't yet had the opportunity to work on a AAA level DC Comic project that wasn't constructed off of the strong backbone established by a different studio. It remains to be seen if the studio has the chops to create its own foundation for the superhero genre. Especially given that gamers are anxiously awaiting Rocksteady's announcement of their own DC Comics related game.

Batman Arkham dev Rocksteady new game announcement

For now, we are going to have to wait a bit longer for any official announcements. Regardless, it seems that between these two studios, DC Comics fans are going to have no shortage of games to play in the coming years. And with the increasing quality of superhero games over the last few generations, there is plenty of reason for gamers to be optimistic.

Batman: Arkham Origins is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360.

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Source: Osama Dorias – Twitter

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